Part 2

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3rd person POV
When the team landed they backed behind bushes while watching the girl. Batgirl gave Aqualad the well do something look. He turned and nodded at the (there is going to be a vote at the end of this chapter of what they should be call for now I will still leave it blank). They got up and walked towards the girl. She was simply sitting in the sand right by the water.
Percy's POV
I sensed someone come up behind me. I turn and saw (black make sure to vote). I turned back to the water.
"So Garth Lagan y'all have the guts to come see me? Tula how are you doing?"
"Tula made us" Garth and Lagan said at the same time.
"I am doing good" I heard a noise come from the bushes behind us. I got up and looked at the bushes.
"Please do not hurt them" Kaldar asks.
"What do they want"
"We have a mission to take you to the cave and intargate you"
"Will it be painful"
"What no"
"Fine I will go"
"Wait really"
"Yes all you had to do was ask"
"This is a weird question but can we put a collar on you that stops you from using you powers"
"Will it hurt"
"Only if we zap you but if you do what we say then no"
"Like shock me?"
"Okay go ahead" Tula then pulls out a collar and puts it around my neck.
"Do I have to wear handcuffs"
"Do you want to?" Garth asks.
"Not really"
"Then no" Lagan says. We then walk over to where team team was looking so surprised that I had not fought back at anything.
"Why did you not fight back" Some tall boy asks me.
"One they are my friends. Two I'm not violent unless someone attacks me first. Three Garth and Lagan are going to have to face Annabeth and me later so eh no point now"
"What do you mean by face you later?"
"Well they wrecked my room and ruined my favorite poster of the flying Graysons while doing a prank on me" I said with a shrug. "Now I thought you were interrogating me is this the interrogation" I said sweetly.
Okay how bad was it.
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So they can Wait her be called

Fish Friends - CloeTheTealSnake

Aka A.T.L.A.N.T.I.A.N.S - HuntressOfApollo

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