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Why would they target him!? No! Don't hurt him!

A boy ran between the feet of the villagers as a mob of screaming civilians ran after him. The boy's hair was sandy blond, glistening like a ray of pure sunlight, his eyes azure blue, his body much too small for his age of four. He wore baggy shorts which flapped in the wind when he ran, a big white shirt discoloured with dirt hung loosely on his shoulders, and he wore a jacket to cover the whole thing. The villagers didn't even bother to stop them as this was a daily occurrence, and they saw ever a flash of blond running through the mazes of legs. 

He was just about to run into a haunted house he called his home when the villagers caught him by the collar, letting him hang in the air by the neck. 

''What should we do guys? How many times has he escaped before? Bah! I don't care! What matters is that we caught you today!'' The man smirked evilly and the boy gulped. The men and a few shinobi walked into the boy's house, not caring that the walls were vandalised, the tables were knocked over with a few legs missing, the sofa had the fluff torn out and the bed had whip marks on it with a few stains of blood. 

''Scream you little brat!'' They yelled as they whipped him with a spiked whip, a nerve-wracking crack, echoing in the room, soundproofed with seals and barriers. The boy refused to scream, let alone even whimper. The boy stared coldly at the man and he shivered. 

''How dare you look at me with those eyes! Why not get rid of them!'' He took out a kunai, suggesting that he was a ninja and smirked venomously. He slashed at his eyes but jumped back when the boy's eyes began to sizzle, healing the wound almost immediately. In fact, all of his wounds began to heal, though they left faint white lines, scars which would stay with him forever. 

''You are the monster then! We must kill you for the Fourth Hokage! For the honour of the village!'' He tried to stab the boy but he quickly dodged, when he opened his eyes, they were no longer an ocean, but red flames with a slit to show the depths of hell. 

The boy was wrapped with a bubbling figure of a red fox, and nearby anbus were alerted, sensing the presence of the Nine-Tailed Beast. The beast in a boy's body tried to lash out, attempting to kill the man who had inflicted pain on his poor child. Just as he was about to slash, his eyes became blue again. Sadly, the world could not see their beauty as it closed with exhaustion. The anbu arrived and quickly deciphered the scene. With a fallen child and men with torture weapons, it would've taken someone dumber than a simpleton to understand that the boy was attacked by them. 

''Taka(Hawk), arrest them! I don't care even if they are ninjas of the village. Karasu(Crow), take the child to the Hokage, we both know what the hospital does to him.''

''Yes, Inu-taichou! (captain-Dog)'' The two anbu flickered out of the scene and the captain of the team stared sadly at the wall, reading all of the graffiti written on them. Marked with curses and threats, it would've given a grown man a nightmare to sleep in this room, to be stared at by those words, to have to read them every time you woke up. But this was the child's life, for three years now. 

He flickered to the Hokage tower as well, only to be greeted by shouts of outrage. 

''What do you mean his eyes cannot see!?'' The captain gasped but quickly hid it, an anbu must never show emotion. 

''His eyes were slashed with a kunai, and though the beast is healing him, it happens to be that the kunai was coated with poison.''

''Well, get it out of him then!''

''We can't, it's a poison made from the Doku clan, one which specialises in poisons. Meaning that we do not have an antidote.''

''Oh, my poor boy...'' The Hokage looked at the couch next to him where a blond was sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile, the boy was in a giant corridor in his mind. It's walls blood red, and the path before him coated with dark shadows, the boy took a courageous step forward and then another step. 

He slowly got to a large room, in which one of the walls were barred instead of having a solid wall. Behind the bars were another thick mass of shadows, and as the boy looked down and found his feet drenched wet, ripples were sent from beyond the bars. the child got into a defensive stance but quickly relaxed when he saw two shining ruby eyes. The creature walked out of the blankets of darkness, showing its full figure of terror. His body was flaming orange with a few scarlet streaks around his tails. Yes, tails. He had nine of them, all swinging behind him, making gusts of wind as they swung. 

''Aren't you a little too early to be here?'' A deep gravelly voice asked, coming from the mouth of the creature.


''Most learn of the exitance of their beast when they start training, once they start getting greedy and want the power of the mighty tailed beasts.''

''Ah, well I knew you were sealed in me but I didn't necessarily know when to visit you. Thank you for healing me when I needed it.'' The boy bowed deeply and the beast's tails stopped moving with shock. 

''You aren't angry? I'm the reason why they hurt you in the first place!''

''Of course not. They do not hate you, they hate me. What if you were sealed into one of the Uchiha heirs? Would the villagers attack him? No. They attack me because I am an orphan. A child without defence, so yes, they do attack me in your name, but that does not mean they know you personally or have a reason to hate you.''

''Who would've thought! I child at age four, stating facts like he's a thousand summers!''

''What is your name sir?''

''Me? Well, I've been called many names in the past, Nine-tailed beast, Kyuubi, Inari, Kyuubi no kitsune...''

''Your first name? The name you were born with?''

''My father, Ootsutsuki Hagoromo named me and my siblings. My name is Kurama.''

''Nice to meet you Kurama, my name is Uzukaze Naruto.''

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