Does Sero the Depressed

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Sero Head canon:
Sero is actually very depressed he just keeps all his feelings bottled up inside witch is why he's always smiling. He's lying to everyone including himself.

Sero being his dumb comedic self AND being hella gay and depressed is too relatable.


Killer: any sudden moves and you're dead

Sero: *starts doing Fortnite dances* bold of you to assume I wanna live.


Kamimari: can you cry under water?

Sero: yes.

Kamimari: ...

Kamimari: are you ok, bro?

Sero: No.


Sero: I barley got any sleep last night

Mina: why Kaminari kept you up? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sero: Actually it was my anxiety and depression *smiles*

(Speed question game idk)

Mina: something a female cop might say to her boyfriend in bed?

Sero: I'm gonna chop your dick off

Mina: ...

Mina: this isn't therapy.


Kaminari: that's it. Jirou rejected me. I'll never find love.

Sero: *looks directly into the camera like in the office and shrugs* guess I'll die


If Sero got cloned:

Sero's clone: I'm the real one! Shoot him! He's the clone!

Bakusquad: *points guns at the clone*

Kamimari: The real Sero would never give up the chance to die!

Again might do a part 2

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