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Draco, Luna, Neville, Cho, Hannah and Percy walked to the room of requirement as their dinner feast finished, leaving Hermione with Ron and Harry to explain about the whole Demigod business. 

''Hermione? Is that you?'' Harry asked, with Ron trailing behind. They weren't stupid, forgetting their best friend for eight years' appearance, but now she looked different, with the long blonde curls and impassive grey eyes, her increased height and muscle. She turned around to her name, confirming their doubts. 

''Are you really who you say you are?'' Ron asked, holding his head as it felt like he just had a massive migraine.  

''I am. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier... I really did want to tell you two, but I was on a mission from a goddess, with strict instructions not to tell anyone, I swore on the River Styx, like the god's version of an unbreakable vow when I signed up for this quest. Though this is the oath of the gods, I won't just die, I will have a fate worse than death, then finally, very slowly I will die.'' Harry and Ron shivered in fear. Harry smiled, though it looked slightly pained. 

''It's fine. I'm sure we could've been best friends in different circumstances, where I wasn't a wizard and you weren't a demigod, and we would still be friends. So, since we are, best friends again?'' Harry offered his hand and Hermine shook it hard. She smiled brightly at Harry and ran off to her siblings once more. 

''Well, as long as she's happy...'' Ron mumbled as his past crush ran further and further away. Harry rubbed Ron's back and slowly walked back to the Gryffindor tower.  

''Did you tell them properly?'' Percy asked as they sat around a short table, sitting on comfy chairs with tonnes of pillows. Hannah passed around cups of hot chocolate as they warmed up. The room of requirement had morphed into a room quite low in the castle so that when they train or have nightmares, the castle itself would not be disturbed. Therefore, it was quite chilly even though it was the beginning of September. 

''Yeah, it's like a weight off my shoulders!'' Hermione sipped her hot chocolate but soon spit it out, gagging at the taste

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''Yeah, it's like a weight off my shoulders!'' Hermione sipped her hot chocolate but soon spit it out, gagging at the taste. He turned her strict eyes to Draco who was giggling uncontrollably until he was in a full blown laughter. Hermione rubbed her tongue, trying to get that horrid something off. ''Wha' 'id you dew?'' She asked, still sticking her tongue out. 

''Hahaha!! I put in dead spider powder!'' Hermione nearly fainted. Draco laughed again, but Cho hit him on the head. 

''That's not nice Drake, you know how children of Athena hate spiders!'' Draco rubbed his head, and slowly glanced up, feeling the glare sent by a certain daughter of Athena. He jumped up from his chair, and ran to his bed, grabbing a few pillows, then threw it at Hermione. It hit her straight in the face and silence fell upon the demigods. She slowly picked it up and threw it at the nearest person, who happened to be Percy. Percy laughed and a massive pillow fight started. Then magic was involved.

''Engorigio! Wingardium Leviosa!'' A giant pillow floated off the bed and fell onto Luna and Neville, squashing them with a comforting softness.  they got out their wands as well, and soon it was a duel. 

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