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Angel paced around the room, it was after 3 AM and his sister was still not home; she had never stayed away for so long. Worry started to eat at him. He tried to ignore it, tried to convince himself he was overreacting because of all the other shit that had been happening over the few past months. Juanita knew her limits, better than him or his brother. She never slept around, never fought, never made a scene.

And she never stayed away for no reason.

"She'll be back," his father had told him before he went to bed. His hands had been trembling, his eyes glazing over. He hadn't been sober at all.

Angel wrung his hands until his fingers started to hurt. He went out, sat down on the porch litting a cigarette. The sky was dark, the stars sharing their cold glance. He couldn't stop the feeling of guilt that slowly spread through his veins. Was this his fault? He knew that he hadn't paid much attention to his little sister lately, but she was never stepping out of line and seemed to have it all together. She had seemed fine the last time they had spoken. He breathed in the cold night air. She had gone out to get some fresh air, that was what his father had claimed at least. Angel couldn't think of a reason as to why he would lie about something like that. But still... something in his behaviour, in the dismissal of her being gone, gave him the thought that it hadn't been the full truth. Or was he just imagining things now? He had distanced himself from his family, afraid his ties with the Mayans wouldn't be in their favour and that they would get hurt. And now because of that he had a hard time to reading his father, maybe his sister too...

He bowed his head and whispered a little prayer to his mother, begging her to keep Juanita safe and to bring her home, away from any harm that might come to her.

But he was whispering into the void, there was no power that would bring her home. Not the next day, nor the month after, not even after the year passed.

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