four. trisful

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renjun pov


Day three of admiring the boys in front of me. Today they looked especially ethereal sitting there concentrating on their art work.

I tried to concentrate on my art and painting them but I kept getting distracted by their audible giggling and messing right in front of me.

Goddamn I was in love with them.

But it wasn't right.

I can't love two people at once especially when the two people are dating each other.

It made me sad to know that even though I loved them deeply and maybe they liked me too, I couldn't be with them.

The thought saddened me for the rest of the class, so much so in fact that I couldn't even look at the two anymore because I knew that my heart would shatter even more if I did.

Oh heart, why did you ever have to fall I love?

A word came to mind that described my feelings; tristful

tristful; deeply yet romantically melancholy

When the bell rang I sat for a while until everyone else had left, looking at my painting and staring blankly at the canvas.

'Renjun are you okay?' My teacher asked, noticing my presence.

I nodded sadly and packed up my things and began walking to my next class.

'Renjun.' My teacher called me back as I reached the door. I turned to face her. 'Is there anything wrong?'

She looked concerned and seeing she was my favourite teacher I told her, but not quite.

'Just unrequited love that's all.' I shrugged. 'And knowing that they'll never be able to love me back fully.'

'May I ask who?' She looked over her glasses once again.
'The two boys in front of me.' I whispered, almost inaudibly.

She simply nodded in a knowing fashion and looked at her desk.

'If it helps then just know that if it's meant to be, then the stars will make sure it'll work out; no matter how bad you think it'll end up.' She smiled sadly and I took comfort in her words.

I thanked her before hurrying on to my next class that I was already pretty late for.

I entered the classroom as quietly as possible as my photography teacher glared at me.

All eyes turned to me and any attempt at a subtle entry went flying out the second floor window.

'Huang Renjun, why exactly are you late to my class? Explain yourself before I give you a detention.' He stared hardly at me, his breathing heavy due to his weight that restricted him in manys a way.
'Im sorry sir I was-'

Saved by the phone ringing.

He held a finger up in my direction as a means of hushing me as he spoke on the phone.

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