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Seulgi's eyes widen. Though having not known this girl for only a few hours she was worried. She didn't want to be a busy body so she didn't say anything but instead got her ice cream.

The girls went to a cd shop after their ice cream and started listening to music. Though the picture of Irene's bruises kept coming into her mind.

The door swung open and all the girls looked there. Out of all of them a girl towered over them even though she was only an average height.

The girl looked at Yeri and Wendy smiling. She scowled however when she got to Seulgi and smiling once again at Joohyun who was now hidden behind Yeri.

"Hey girls I'm just here to get Hyunnie,"The women said in a sweet tone with a hint of anger.

"Ah yeah bye guys..,"Joohyun mumbled as she walked next to the women.

"Hey baby ready to go?"The women edged her grip noticeably tighter on Joohyun.

"Ah yes Joy-Ah,"Joohyun clattered throwing a small smile at Seulgi and the girls. She left with Joy.

The day ended however Seulgi could not get her mind off of Irene.

The women looked jealous. Angry maybe? Those bruises though. Did she cause them. Does she have a Snapchat? Maybe I should talk to her?

Seulgi got up and grabbed her phone scrolling through people until she found somebody that
looked somewhat like her.

Hey uhm this is Seulgi Kang from the university! Is this Irene?

Ah yes! This is!
Sent at 9:56(thIs was just to indicate that a lot of time went by)

Are you okay? I saw bruises on your back and that girl with you looked angry.

Ah don't worry I'm okay! Uwu.

You sure? I can't really check up on you tomorrow since it's Saturday so can we hang out?
Ah maybe! I've got to go now goodnight!

Seulgi looked at her phone and sighed in relief. She lied down and slowly drifted to sleep.


Meanwhile Joohyun sniffled in her bathroom. Her shirt blood stained. Body again covered with new bruises and cuts. Joohyun's face had a big black eye.

"Why? All you do is hurt me. All you do is hurt me. All you do is HURT ME!"Joohyun yelled.

"Ah baby let me in~,"Sooyoung cooed from the other side.

"Why do you hurt me all the time?"Joohyun whispered to the other side of the door.

"You know I love you baby~. It's just sometimes you do things that make mommy really mad,"Sooyoung whispered.

Joohyun sniffled and smiled because that's how their relationship worked.

Love. Hate. Love. Hate.

Joohyun opened the door and Sooyoung held her in a grasp. "Mommy just got mad when you  hung out with that girl okay?".

Sooyoung marked her neck and led the girl to the bedroom Joohyun's smiled.

She is only doing this because she loves me. I love her.

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