Chapter 22

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"What You Thinking About?" Reese Asked, Walking Into The Room, As I Laid Across The Bed, Staring At The Ceiling .

"Nothing" I Said, As He Laid Next To Me .

"You Ain't Gotta Lie To Me"

I Sighed, "I Think I Wanna Go To Cosmetology School"

"For What?"


"Why Don't You Do That?"

"If I Couldn't Finish Highschool, Then What Makes You Think I'll Be Able To Finish Cosmetology School?"

"I Believe In You, And I'm Not Just Gone Let You Give Up . Is That Something You Really Wanna Do?"

"Yeah, It's Something That I Been Wanting To Do, And Dancing, But I Been An Gave Up On That Dream"


"Yeah, You Know, Like Them Hip Hop Dancers" I Said, Causing Us Both To Chuckle .

"I'm Forreal" I Said .

"No, I Know You Forreal . It's Just Funny How You Said It"

"But Forreal, Reese, I Really Think I Wanna Go To Cosmetology School, For Hair"

"I Think You Should"

"You Think I'll Make It Through?"

"I Know You Will, And Like I Said, I Believe In You, And I'm Not Just Gone Let You Give Up . Just Cause You Didn't Make It Through Highschool That Don't Mean Shit . A lot Of MuthaFucka's Make It Somewhere Without Finishing Highschool . You Really Wanna Do This Hair Shit, Don't You?"

"Yeah" I Said, Nodding My Head .

"Ok Then..You Can Do Anything You Just Gotta Put Your Mind To It, And Be Patient With The Process, And Trust The Process . You Can't Just Give Up Cause Things Ain't Going In Your Favor, And You Fasho Can't Give Up Cause Things Ain't Moving As Fast As You Want It To . You Get What I'm Saying?"

"Yeah, I Get What You Saying"

"So What?" He Asked .

"I'ma Go To Cosmetology School, And Get Through It..I'm Not Gone Give Up"

"That's What I'm Talking About!" He Said, Hugging Me Tight, Causing Me To Chuckle .

A Few Weeks Later, I Ended Up Getting Myself Into Cosmetology School, With The Help Of Reese .

I Only Have A Few More Days Left To Work At The Club Because Of The Baby . It Seems Like My Stomach Is Getting Bigger And Bigger Everyday, And I'm Almost Not Able To Move Like I Use To, Plus Who Wants To Watch A Pregnant Women Dance, In Lingerie?

Anyways, When My Days Are Over At The Club For The Next Few Months, I'm Gonna Need Something To Do Because Sitting At Home Ain't Gone Cut It, So Cosmetology School It Is .

"What's Wrong?" I Asked Shay, As I Continued Doing My Makeup . She Sat There With A Long Face, Looking As If She Was About To Cry .

"Man, I'ma Miss You So Much . It's Crazy You Only Been Working Here For A Few Months, And I'm Already Attached To You" She Explained, As Tears Built Up In Her Eyes .

"Shay, Stop It! You Act Like I'ma Be Gone Forever..It's Just For A Few Months, Then I'll Be Back, And You Act Like You Not Gone See Me Outside Of The Club" I Said, Letting Out A Dry Laugh .

"I Know, But I Mean I'ma Miss You Being Here With Me . You One Of The Only Girls That I'm Close To Here" She Said, As I Stared At Her . I Slowly Walked Over To Her, Hugging Her Neck .

"It's Gone Be Ok, Shay, I'ma Be Back . I Ain't Gone Have No Choice" I Said, Breaking Away From Her, Looking Down And Rubbing My Belly .

"Well She Needs To Hurry Up And Get Here-" She Said, Wiping Her Eyes .

"Shay, What Did I Tell You? It's A Boy!"

"You Never Know! Sometimes The Ultrasound Will Make It Look Like You Having Something Then You'll End Up Popping Out The Opposite"

"Well I Know Forsure That My Baby Is A Boy" I Said, Smirking, Making My Way Out Of The Dressing Room .

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