Chapter seven

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Harry was cooking a big English breakfast for his so-called family, Tom had informed him his letter should be arriving soon. Perhaps in a few weeks at the latest. The boy could barely contain his excitement.

It was Dudley's birthday, hence the extravagant meal, and his Uncle being home.

Harry was hoping they would leave him locked in his cupboard after the news of Mrs. Figg's broken leg, but, however be it, Lady Luck was not on his side today. His uncle didn't believe him to be able to be left home alone. His aunt was too afraid to try and fight against her husband. Harry was used to it honestly. 

He was sat against the stairs, he'd left his snake, (who he had named Bellona, with the help of Tom, he explained Bellona was a Goddess of war. And the name Bell means beautiful, thus giving the snake the name. She had a tongue for pain and war, yet was beautiful, it only fit.) and the diary in his cupboard for the day.

Piers was coming also, and his mother was running late, much to the annoyance of Petunia. Harry was finding it quite funny.

When their uneventful knock landed on the door, and Dudley rushed to open it, Harry felt a sudden urge to let his magic loose, so he did. It enclosed the whole house soon enough and everyone stood stock still, looking around for this unmanageable source.

It quickly is reigned back in, and Piers' mother practically ran, leaving her son. They get going on the road pretty quickly. They were going to a zoo and Harry really wanted to have some fun with his family dearest, and especially sweet little dudders. 

The two older boys got to pick, not that Harry cared. They went everywhere when Dudley suddenly goes, "Mummy, daddy, I want to see the snakes! Now!" And with a few strange glances, the five made their way to the reptilian area of the zoo, much to Harry's delight.

Dudley made a beeline for the snake, a boa constrictor, that was happily sleeping. "Move you stupid thing!" Dudley screamed, banging on the glass, so hard it shattered, with a lot of help from Harrys magic, "Leave, quickly, you magnificent beast." Harry hissed to it as Dudley fell into the water, and off it went, hissing a "Thank you, young speaker." On his way out.

A member of staff, and Harrys aunt were fussing over Dudley, while his uncle and a different member of staff were fighting, or discussing in a loud, angered manor, over who was at fault. And how much Vernon would have to pay.

Once all was dealt with and they had dropped Piers home, and they reached home, Harry was thrown away, with a smirk playing at his lips. He told all to Tom, and went to sleep.



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