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"So what you gonna do about Song Min He... gonna confess?" Tae He and Taehyung sat in his car on their way to her house.

She was glad that he had not bickered with her and accepted her request easily. She could get used to this free service of him dropping her home.

Well, who wouldn't? The car was the epitome of luxury and comfort and riding was extremely enjoyable.

"You don't need to be concerned about that, worry about someone liking you." Taehyung had said tapping his finger over the steering wheel with his eyes on the road ahead.

"Ahh forget about it, you're right I don't need to be concerned and should be concerned about our textiles project." She said snapping her fingers in front of Taehyung.

They both had drastically different ideas of what they wanted to do for this project. The had to design a dress from a cloth designed by themselves. Keeping in view how both of them were different like day and night, they sure would have conflicts in ideas and difficulty at coming at a standpoint.

"Yeah about that... I was thinking we could make a silk ensemble."

"Excuse me..." TaeHe was perplexed at his given idea.

"We could get the finest silk from the south Asian countries."

"Woh woh Taehyung that's so out of our budget we can't." She said waving her hands in front of her as a sign of complete disapproval.

"For your budget, not mine." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"This is a group project Taehyung, we have to cooperate. Don't let your rich ass come between that." Tae He had herself turned around on the seat of the car towards Taehyung who could care less about Tae He's circumstance.

He didn't answer her and just drove the car nonchalantly. She huffed at his stubborn attitude. Two complete opposites were present there who could agree almost to none with each other.

To clam those few Brian cells that existed after bickering with Taehyung, Tae He closed her eyes thinking a way to convince him yet a no would come with every idea. The car came to halt with the slight shriek of the tyres. Tae He noticed and got off the car not caring to give a bow of gratitude or even a thank you, but now it was time for her to bring a halt to her steps.

She stood in front of this gigantic house with the modernist design and slick look with her mouth agape

"What... cat caught your tongue..." Taehyung said from behind with a proud smile.

"Welcome to my house."


Just so you don't know... this book will have short chapters... So don't be mad. I guess after the 10th chapter I might write chapters with 1000 word count

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