Chapter 21

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A Couple Of Months Later

"Shaydon And Shayme, If Y'all Don't Calm Y'all Asses Down!" Shay Yelled, As She Continued Driving .

"But Mama, He Hit Me!" Shaydon Whined .

"I Don't Give A Fuck Who Hit Who! The Next Person That Does Something Else, Both Of Y'all Getting Punched Up"

"Man.." Shayme Mumbled, Smacking His Lips .

"What Was That?" Shay Asked, Looking At Shayme Through The Rearview Mirror .

"Nothing" Shayme Mumbled .

"Aw Ok, Thought So"

"I'm So Sorry, Girl, These Bad Ass Kids.." Shay Said, Before Getting Out Of The Car .

She Got Shayla Out Of The Car, Who Was Sleep, Then Walked Up To Some House Along With Shaydon And Shayme .

Once The Kids Went Inside, She Made Her Way Back To The Car .

"Who's House Is This?" I Asked .

"They Grandma's" She Said, Pulling Off .

"Aw, They Spending The Weekend With They Grandma?"

"No, They Daddy Live Here . They Grandma Out Of Town"

"I Thought Y'all Live Together?" I Asked, Making A Face Of Confusion .

"Girl, I Kicked His Ass Out" She Said, Causing Me To Chuckle, Which Caused Her To Chuckle Also .

"What?" She Asked, Continuing Chuckling .

"Why You Kick Him Out? What He Do?"

"So We Had Went Out To Eat A Few Weeks Ago, And I Had A Steak That I Bought Home, In The Little To Go Box . The Next Day, At Work, All I Could Think About Was My Damn Steak, And I Go Home And It's Gone.." She Explained, Causing Me To Chuckle .

"Please Don't Tell Me He Ate It"

"He Did! I'm Like, Trev, Where Did My Steak Go? What Happened To It? He Was Like, I Ate It, Like It Was Just Ok So I Kicked His Ass Out!"

"Girl" I Said, Continuing Chuckling .

"I Don't Play About My Food, Period, And He Knows That"

Shay And I Went To My Place . Reese Was Cooking For Us, And Shay And I Had To Be At Work At The Same Time Tonight Anyway, So Why Not?

"I Can't Believe You Only Gone Be Dancing For Another Month.. I'ma Miss You" Shay Said, Making The Puppy Dog Face .

"Don't Do That, You Gone Make Me Cry" I Said .

"Your Ass Always About To Cry" Reese Said, From The Kitchen .

"Shut Up, Punk" I Said, Causing Shay To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"He Always Got Something To Say" Shay Said .

"Right" I Said, Agreeing .


"Here.." Reese Said, Handing Shay And I Plates Full Of Food .

"Ew Nigga, What The Fuck Is This?" Shay Asked, Looking At The Food, Making A Face .

"Salmon Nigga" He Said, Then Walking Back To The Kitchen .

I Tasted A Little Bit Of It .

"Is It Good?" Shay Asked .

"Yeah, It's Pretty Good"

"You Sure? Cause I Feel Like You'll Say Anything Is Good, Just Because You Pregnant" She Said, Causing Me To Chuckle .

"It's Good, I Promise" I Said, Taking Another Bite .

She Slowly Picked Up Her Fork, And Tasted It . After A Few Chews Her Face Went Back To Normal .

"I Guess He Can Do A Little Something" Shay Said .

"Keep Talking, You Gone Get Put Out" Reese Said, Walking From Out Of The Kitchen, With A Plate .

"This Ain't Even Your Apartment" Shay Said .

"So, And You'll Still Get Put Out"

"Yeah Ok, Reese"

"Y'all Crazy.." I Said, Continuing To Eat My Food .

Later On That Day, After Shay And I Finished Getting Ready For Work, We Made Our Way To The Club . Reese Had Something To Take Care Of, So He Just Met Us Up There .

After Only Working Here For A Couple Of Months, I Have Really Gotten Use To It . I'm Not Nervous Like I Was When I First Started Here, So I Don't Need Shay Around To Watch Me, Neither Do I Need Reese But I Know He's Not Going Anywhere .

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