Chapter six

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Harry was Ten now, and had less than a year to get away from this prison. He had mastered the levitating spell, wordlessly. It wasn't even wobbly anymore.

He had also acquired himself a snake. She was very beautiful, midnight scales with flecks of blue and purple. She was venomous, Harry knew that. She said her previous owner only wished too breed her so she bit him, he wasn't a speaker after all. 

People were scared of Harry. One day, a new boy tried to pick on Harry. All the students ran when he did, and Harry stood staring at him, then the glass cracked in the window behind him and he fell, three floors, landing on his neck with a sickening crunch. It had been deemed an accident, because when they got upstairs Harry was nowhere to be found, he was in front of the building, It would of taken him half an hour to get there. Plus he would of ran into the staff coming up the stairs. 

Everyone knew it was him, but there wasn't enough evidence, none at all, to prove the fact.

Harry told Tom he wanted the boy to fall. He didn't like how he was treating him, and Tom knew that it was him, Harry had in fact killed him. He was a murderer earlier than Tom was, and that was a scary thought.



Soon itty bitty Potty will be going to Hoggy warty Hogwarts!

*Bellatrix laughter into the distance*

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