Bulimia Problems (DukeSaw)(Pretty much scrapped)

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It was your average day. Heather Chandler, the almighty of Westerburg, and her little clique, were currently inside the less-than-sanitary bathroom - during a presumably boring Maths lesson. Well, it was Chandler and Duke's Maths lesson, Mac and Veronica were pulled out of English, and Drama, on apparent ‘Important business that cannot wait.’ as Chandler had told the teachers. Somehow, they believed it.

McNamara was rambling on about how great her current boyfriend - Kurt Kelly - was to her and how she didn't deserve him. The other blonde re-tightened her blood red scrunchie and continued to reapply her lipstick of the same colour. She paid no proper interest to Mac's incoherent ramblings as the yellow clad girl was brushing her hair, with a bright grin on her face.

Inside the furthest stall of the small room, was Veronica, helping her crush - Heather Duke - with her bulimia. Lunch had just finished, and she was more than willing to throw it all up where only her friends could see. The blue girl patted her back, whilst holding her hair so it didn't get grossed up.

“Let it all out, Duke, let it all out..” The brunette soothed, as Duke retched again, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Thing is, Veronica was blushing, as she had liked Duke for a while now, that's why she joined the Heathers in the first place. But the problem was that she didn't know whether she'd return her feelings. Heck, she didn't even know if she was Bi, gay, or something else!

However, Chandler brought her back to reality, “Fucking hell, Duke, get help.” She scoffed, but there was a hint of concern.

“Yeah, we should get you a doctor, Dukie..” Mac advised, stepping towards the stall that DukeSaw was in.

“First, thanks Heather, glad to see you care so much,” Duke snarled at Chandler, locking eyes with Mac a moment later, “Second, Heather, don't call me Dukie, it's stupid and annoying, and three, no. I'm fine.”


No.” Duke cut off the yellow girl, as Veronica was debating whether to suggest something. She decided not to in the end, and just helped Duke up.



“But maybe we can get you help-”

“No! Absolutely not! I'm not going back to the doctors! They stabbed me! With needles!”

Veronica was getting mad at Duke's refusal, and snapped, kissing her, “We're going, god damnit!”

“But I-”

“No buts!”


“One more word out of you and I’m duct taping your mouth shut.” She threatened the blushing green clad girl, who shut up, and kissed Veronica back.


Marshy: I'm sorry this is short, Writer's block is killing me atm.

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