12 Ways To Know A Guy Is Flirting With You

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“12 Ways To Know A Guy Is Flirting With You”

so that you ladies know when I AM FLIRTING WITH YA :>

 (And guys, here’s how to know if you are signaling

interests to a woman!)

1) See If He Tries To Attract Your Attention

If a guy is always trying to get your attention, you can

be PRETTY sure that he’s interested. Think about it. If you

didn’t find a guy intriguing, would you keep on trying to

talk to him to get his attention? A man constantly trying

to get your attention is one of the most obvious signs

he’s flirting with you.Don’t be blind, always be mindful of What’s happening with your surroundings.

2) See If He Tries To Stand Out From Other Guys

If a man tries HARD to stand out from other guys whenever

you are around, he’s trying to get you to notice him.

This may mean speaking a bit louder, having bolder body

movements, standing taller, or even pulling crazy

stunts to “show” he’s cool.

(Yeah, I know I GUILTY xD)

3) See If He Tries To Act “Alpha”

One way he will try to stand out from other guys is by

“acting alpha”. If he tries to put down other guys

whenever you are around, that’s a major sign he’s

interested in you. Other “alpha signs” include

puffing out their chests, leaning back in their chairs,

or strutting when they walk!

4) See If His Eyebrows Remain Slightly Raised

Men often raise their eyebrows slightly when they are

talking to women they are interested in. Consider

this one of the tell-tale signs men give when flirting!

5) See If He Teases You A Lot

The More you hate the more you love. Men rarely pay attention to women they are not interested

in. So if a guy teases you a lot, either he is a player

and teases every girl he meets, or he must have SOME

interests in you – ESPECIALLY if he combines it with

other signs of flirting.

6) See If He Touches You “Accidentally”

A guy is probably trying to get closer to you if he

touches you “accidentally” more often than he

touches a girls.


7) See If He Maintains Eye Contact

If a guy is mesmerized with you, he will hold eye

contact with you and flirt with his eyes. If he’s