Chapter 9: Goodnight Hug

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I stare at the things that Go Ara gave me. Should I use them now or should I never? I've been staring at them for 15 minutes now but I still haven't decided and I think Peach would wake up soon.

Damn it, not today then.

I placed the things inside my drawer and left the room. Hyunjin never said anything about hating the way I smell and about my old-fashioned he just being considerate?

Instead of heading straight inside the classroom, I decided to go for a walk outside the campus. I mean, it's 6 in the morning and classes start at 8.

It's really cold but spring is beautiful. I just love how cherry blossoms look. If only I had someone to take a photo of me while I stand here, it would be a great one.

"Aish this idiot." I raised an eyebrow as I turned to the direction of the voice. Hyunjin placed a jacket over me which made me remember Bang Chan. I still don't know if he's the one who gave me that jacket at the restaurant.

"I've just started my run so it's not drenched in sweat." I frowned as I stare at him. My mind is too unstable to be quick.

"Oh...Good Morning."

"Wear the jacket!" He practically demanded. He helped me wear it over my small frame and I muttered a "thanks". It's really big for me and that makes it more comfortable. Also, his scent is strong, I really might just get addicted.

"How much perfume do you spray?" I asked him.

"I don't use perfume."

"Don't make me laugh."

"I wasn't trying to?"

I laughed sarcastically. "Impossible! Then how do you smell so good?"

"I don't know. Handsome guys should smell good always."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and slipped my hands into the pockets of his jackets.

"Why are you up early today?" He asked.

"I also got up early yesterday."

"That didn't answer the question."

"I wasn't trying to." It was his turn to roll his eyes. "Do you always run in the morning?"

He nods his head. "Do you want to join me sometime?"

"No thanks." I stare at him to make sure he's not cold and he's not showing any sign of freezing.

He started smirking. "Why are you staring at me?"

"Nothing." I quickly turn away from him. "Thank you for the jacket." Then I ran off and ignored his calls.

He always makes me nervous. It's a good kind of nervous but at the same time it isn't. Jung Jinwoo is dying because of him.

* * *

I returned the jacket to him as soon as he sits on his chair. I removed it when I got inside the classroom since I don't want anyone to start any rumor. The jacket is obviously a guy's after all.

"We have Mr. Nam for first period today," he said and looks like he wants to leave the classroom immediately.

"I'm aware."

"I was made fun off last time," he said and pouted like a child. I really want to slap his face but that would be animal abuse. He's basically a puppy.

"What did you expect? I mean, I also thought you were a geek."

"The world said jokes on you." He laughed.

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