Chapter 1 : Struggle

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My name is Jennie Kim. I am currently 23 years old and I am a law student. I have been dependent on myself since my parents divorced, my father left us all the debts, I was very mad at him for putting us in this mess. My mother decided to apply as a cleaner in the biggest and richest company in Seoul : Manoban Company. She told me that there were more than thousand people who work there and that was led by the youngest CEO of the world. She explained me that her family is so rich that they own luxury villa throughout the Asian continent. Apparently, some people were born lucky but it was not me. 

In order to help my mother and to be able to pay my university fees, I have been working every day in a bar in Hongdae. Fortunately, the bar belongs to my best friend, Jisoo, her and my mother are the most important humans that I have in my life. Jisoo and I have known each other since we were children, we were inseparable and still are today. She asked me to come to work because she knew my situation well. I consider her as my sister, she is always by my side to protect me, I love her so much and I am so happy to have her in my life. She is also a law student, which allows us to stay together all the time.

"Jendeuk are you okay?" she asks me with a worried face.

"Don't worry unnie, I just worked on my homework last night without noticing the time passing." I said to her smiling to reassure her because she loves to behave as if she were my mother.

"Yaaah Jendeuk you should take a break sometimes. You have the best grades in the university and you work as if your life depended on it." she said, shaking her head.

"Unnie you know I have to work because I want to graduate as soon as possible, find a job and pay all these debts." I sighed. 

"I know Jendeuk, and I will always be by your side... Well, finish cleaning theses glasses quickly and go home. You need to take a rest." she said with a serious look.

"Yes mom... Thank you Jisoo to be my sister, thank you so much" I said and hugged her. How would I do without her?

Thanks to Jisoo, I was able to get home two hours earlier tonight, I must have looked really bad that's why she told me to go home and to relax. Indeed, I had huge rings, I literally looked like a panda. My mother used to tell me all the time that when I grew up, I would succeed in everything. I'll have a family and be the happiest person in the world. Look where I am today, I'm struggling to pay for my studies, I look like a zombie, I have no social life and therefore no boyfriend. Anyway, I don't need it, he won't be able to help me but he will be an extra task.

"Mom! I'm home!" I shouted.

"Honey, I'm in the kitchen!" she said from the kitchen, I walk to her and smell something good.

"I made some kimchi fried rice for you." she said sweetly, she was the bravest woman on the world, even though she was tired from work, she still had the energy to prepare food for me. Seeing her like that make me to fight more for her, I will never give up no matter what, I want her to be proud of me.

"Mom, you know that I love you the most?" I made my aeygyo because I know she loves it.

"Hahaha I know princess, I love you too. I'm so proud of you, you are so smart and so beautiful." she said with teary eyes.

"Aniii eomma don't cry or else I'll cry too..." I hugged her tightly.

"Such a baby. Let's eat now, I'm so hungry!" she said cheer up. I could be the unluckiest person in the world but I had the best mother, that's why I'm not complaining because some people don't even have parents. 

Sometimes you have to know how to enjoy these kinds of little things in life. Tomorrow, maybe something good will happen, we are not sure of anything.

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