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I really missed writing You Are the reason. So I thought of writing one more love after marriage story. But it's different than my previous story. Read to know.

"So see here's the thing I am not interested in marrying you. So if you could just go and reject the marriage proposal-" I was cut in between.

"What if I don't?" He said in a firm tone. Is he an idiot? I don't want to marry him.

But what if he wants to marry me? This question stroke my mind.

"Oh come on I don't want to marry you."

"But I want to."

What did he just say? He fucking wants to marry me.

I looked at myself from top to bottom and from my current dress up I could clearly say my dressing sense looked way too simple and naive. I was sure it wasn't because of my looks.

"Why would you want to marry me? I don't think I fit your taste?" I said, crossing my arms around my chest.

I looked at him. Handsome, Hot would be an understatement to describe him.

But-but I am not interested in him.

"You absolutely fit my taste and this dress doesn't look that bad on you." He looked at me.

What? Did he just compliment me?

"So here's the thing I don't want to marry you nor anybody else. I have rejected so many girls till date with god knows what rubbish reasons. And now if I reject you my granddad may force me to marry anyone of his choice which is the worst of all. So let's get married but only for namesake." He said.


"Yup namesake. We will marry each other and will be living under a same roof but we won't practically be husband and wife. Neither will I control you nor will you control me. Or let's just say we can be roommates."

It's not a bad idea though. After all for how long will I live my life like this. I can't persuade each and every guy that my family chooses for me to reject me.

I don't have time to waste for this. I am a cardiologist after all.

"Deal?" He asked, raising his brow.

"Deal." I said, after thinking twice. After all it's my life and it's my choice how I want to live it.


It isn't as simple as you think. They will end up bickering over god knows what kind of stupid things. They will end up having cliche moments and at times you will go all aw on them.

It's just the starting and don't forget everything complicated starts with something very simple.

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