my fault (leo x injured reader)

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Leo's P.O.V

i watched in horror as (Y/n) was stabbed in the side by Kari, Kari just laughed and pulled her sword out and walked away "(Y/n)!!" my voice rang out, louder than i had intended, i rushed to her side almost immediately, pushing the emergency button on my T-phone calling the guys to our location. if it wasn't for me calling a split up so we could get patrol done in time (Y/n) wouldn't be hurt "(Y/n) look at me, it's gonna be ok, don't close your eyes" i said panicked as her eyes shut and my brothers showed up to help fight,, eventually we had to retreat. 

Donnie's P.O.V

"i can fix them, but it'll take time to heal" i said as i put pressure on their wound, getting the stuff i needed, i quickly stitched them up and bandaged the cut "(Y/n) should be fine, they just needs to rest now." i told Leo, who looked like he had seen a ghost "what if they're not though, it's my fault" he mumbled as he hugged me "i know (Y/n) will, i just know it" i told him before letting him go see them

************time skip cause im lazy and have no inspiration************

Leo's P.O.V

"(y/n) im so sorry, this is all my fault, i didn't mean for you to get hurt." i said holding their hand in mine "i love you, and everything about you, your hair, your eyes, the way you laugh, the sound of your voice, oh god please wake up" i whispered "oh really" a raspy voice said 

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i had heard everything he had said, he actual liked me, for who i was. "oh really?" i said trying not to cough because of my dry throught "(y-y-y/n)?" he stuttered looking shocked "no it's Bruce Wayne, who do you think it is?" i said sarcastically as i sat up hissing in pain "no, you need to lay down, you'll tare the stitches!" he said as he pushed me back into a laying position "im fine-" i cut my self off, i knew i wasn't 

Leo's P.O.V

"i was so scared you wouldn't wake up" i said quickly hugging (Y/n) without hurting them "you're such a worry wort" they said with that classic smile on their face "i worry because i love you" right when i said it i covered my mouth "awww, weo is emberested" they said giggling '"shudup" i mumbled barring my face in their hair "love you to leo" they said in a hushed wispier


hey guys, it's me im back. working on a request right now and accidentally mixed 2 of them together

SpaceLionSushi and amazing_gummy hope you two liked it, and sorry for combining them on decadent, if you want i can re-wright them separably

by Love's ~ Marcellus

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