49 | I like you

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◈A D R I A N◈

My grip tightened around the handle and I swung it with full force, the bat coming down fast in a violent whoosh. Closing my eyes, I waited for the sickening crunch of a skull at the other end of the bat. And maybe I doubted my decision for a split second as I dreaded to feel the light splash of blood on my face mingling with the raindrops.

Deep in my thoughts, I didn't hear the hurried footsteps before an unsuspecting impact collided with me from the right, knocking the breath out of me as I crashed against a dumpster. The shock caught me unguarded and the bat fell from my relaxed grip, dropping to the muddy ground pathetically.

"Fuck!" I cursed out loud as I planted my hands against the smelly bin to catch my footing. Immediately, I looked out for the woman but could only catch a brief glimpse of the red umbrella before it disappeared behind a brick wall.

The woman must have mistaken the noise to be the clap of the thunder as she rounded the corner without looking back. The clack of her boots sounded fainter as she walked towards safety, blissfully unknowing of her near death. My first instinct was to go after that bitch but the tall figure stepped forward and blocked my sight. I looked up and the face of my assailant had me stumped.


Mad and extremely furious Logan staring right at me with recognition even with the mask and hood.

Shit, shit, shit! How did he even find me? He was supposed to be passed out on his couch!

I averted my gaze and dropped it to the small puddle under his sneakers, suddenly feeling extremely self conscious. My feet started retreating slowly as if they automatically switched to flight mode.

The chilling wind howled as it rushed past us into the narrow alley and it felt oddly cold for my covered face. I quickly reached for my face with a trembling hand only to find the lopsided mask had revealed most of my face.


I quickly dipped my head low and pulled the hood down over my head and sidestepped Logan, my back pressed firmly against the dumpster to gain more distance between us.

Before I could take another step further, the pair of sneakers stomped closer and a hand roughly yanked off the mask, the fabric scrunching up in his tight grip. Logan's furious gaze burned my damp skin as my cheeks tingled with a slight pain left by his fingers.

"Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" he growled. He threw a dirty look to the bat and back to me, putting two and two together. "Were you-" he stopped himself as if he couldn't bear to finish his sentence. "Were you trying to kill her with that?"

I gulped nervously, looking at anywhere but his face because I know I would break apart into a million pieces if I saw the disappointment in his eyes.

Why is he yelling at me? I did this for him! Feeling wronged, my guilt transformed into anger.

"So what if I did? She deserves it," I justified, facing him straight on. Clenching my fists, I willed my thumping heart to calm down.

"What?" Logan asked incredulously.

"That bitch ruined your life! How could you let her get away so easily?!" I screamed, my chest heaving with angry puffs.

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