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C H A P T E R    S E V E N

     JAZEON HAD BEEN GETTING A LITTLE SHARP PAINS FROM HIS BACK SINCE The incident back to the bathroom one midnight day

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JAZEON HAD BEEN GETTING A LITTLE SHARP PAINS FROM HIS BACK SINCE The incident back to the bathroom one midnight day. But he had been getting better after he had came visiting Madam Pomfey. Of course, he couldn't help but wonder what the marauders were doing in the hospital wing.

Of course, it wasn't also just Jazeon who was wondering. It was also the marauders; who was left questioning on who possessed Jazeon. They never had seen the boy that sarcastic, cheeky, and full of humour. It was a different side of Jazeon they haven't seen.

Jazeon dreamed to be an Auror looked up by many, respected by all. He also wished to be a student adored by teachers, having high marks. And live a perfect normal life with parents guiding him, and scolding him from good and bad.

But what's really stopping him, you ask? Everything. Yes, Everything. The simple and heavy things that he had to come across to. The people all around him, and mainly of course, himself.

He hasn't even talked to Lily for a while now, who knows, maybe she finally realized how much of a weirdo he was. But he told her to not communicate to him in school after all. Everything he did, it was for a reason. How he lived, how he acted, how his actions received consequences.

It was all for someone, if not someone, something. But then, one day, he'll realize that he wasn't that important to someone as that someone was for him. So he stopped. There, stopped. All his actions got people involved and harmed, just like his parents who wanted nothing but to protect him from monsters out there that he had summoned. And those monsters weren't him.

He realized that. He met a few monsters, and they weren't as bad as he thought they would be. And like he was, people would soon come to realize that he wasn't at all a monster; And that not all monsters are bad as they seem.

So after the day from the Hospital wing visit. The marauders seems to be wary around him, They were left questioning on who the hell Was that Jazeon who turned up on the hospital wing having remarks and cheekiness.

They seem to be surprised. But who wouldn't be? Noone tried knowing him that much, and Jazeon knows that because he had it all written in his book of life.

There wasn't much to say, lessons has been starting, and Jazeon seems more confident on showing up at classes and even participate. That was something new, the old Jazeon would have been in the corner, watching the happenings all around him with narrowed eyes.

But this was the different Jazeon they have been seeing. It was a Jazeon they never knew existed. Jazeon was usually cold and anti social. But maybe Jazeon was just happy that at least one person tried befriending him, and succeeded.

He remembered there was a few students who tried befriending him in his 3rd year. He knew they were just trying to engage into a talk and suddenly embarass him. So he made them run away like ducks being chased.

Then Jazeon realized he hasn't been that kind, always scaring away people who tried to talk to him. But you can't blame him, he grew up in an orphan not being able to trust people because he would just end up being hurt. And trust was one thing that caused Jazeon's Parents death, one more reason, there is a lot of reasons behind their deaths.

"Mr Veller, have you been listening?" Professor Sprout's voice shook him out of his thoughts. Jazeon blinked his eyes and stared at Professor Sprout's for a second before realizing the whole class has been staring at him.

Jazeon felt his cheeks turn to a bright color of red. And most of them found it cute, which was odd because they thought Jazeon was a cold blooded monster.

"Oh, sorry, Professor Sprout. Just remembered something. . ." At the end, Jazeon's voice slowly turn barely a whisper. Professor Sprout heard from Dumbledore about Jazeon's Parents death and him being sent to an orphan. Professor Sprout felt sorry for the boy.

"It's alright, Mr Veller. Just please try and listen next time." Profesor Sprout said, turning her head back to the class who stared at Jazeon for a second.

Jazeon was afraid he would ruin his grades, so he took a deep breath.

"Professor? I've been listening." Jazeon suddenly blurted out, causing numerous eyes move back to him. Jazeon was uncomfortable under their gazes, he wasn't used to so much attention that doesn't require name callings.

"You've been?" Professor Sprout asked, a small smile bringing on to her face. She has noticed how Jazeon was trying his best to catch up on lessons, and she loved students who tried their best to learn. Jazeon nodded eagerly.

"What did I say about Mandrake leaves?" She asked. Jazeon felt a light bulb lit up, he knows about this. Afterall, he has been planning on trying to be an animagus when he comes to age.

"The leaves of a mandrake can be used as ingredients in Potions. They also have additional magical properties: part of the process by which one becomes an Animagus is holding the leaf of a mandrake in their mouth for an entire month." Jazeon explained, the Students stared at him in awe.

They didn't know that Mandrake leaves was needed to he an Animagus. Professor smiled widely. He was the first ever student other than Alice Forester to know about the real use of Mandrake Leaves.

"You mixed Transfiguration and Herbology in your explanation." She added with a smile. Jazeon was completely oblivious of the smile as his cheeks turned bright once more. And that caused many to realize that Jazeon was cute when he was bright. Wait 'till they see when Jazeon is smiling.

"60 points to Slytherin!" She belowed. And it was a surprise that the Ravenclaw house didn't complain, They were shocked and surprised of Jazeon's sudden change of personality. The new personality made him look charming and Cool.

The Slytherins cheered and patted Jazeon's back. Which surprised him, his own house was usually against him, so why act so friendly now, they should've done that earlier of years where he would've given them a chance. But Jazeon didn't focuse on that, instead, he lets them pat him and lets them praise his name.

Jazeon just can't wait to tell his grandparents about it. . .

"Herbology" the 6th trigger word

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