Shot 3

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All looked at swara completely shocked while ragini was sweating. She didnt thought that ram will reveal shekhar's name in front of all of them.

Sanskar: Shona! What are you saying

Swara tried sitting on the bed and sanskar supported her.

Swara: Sanskar she is not Shekhar Gadodia's daughter. I am his daughter. She is my chachu's daughter.

All of them looked at ragini and swara while ragini was in a dilema how to save herself..

Ragini: Jhoot i am his daughter swara. I treated you as my sister and you are doing this with me

Dp: Ek min...Hospital mein is tarah ghar ki baat nahi ki jaati...Ghar chal ke baat karte hai

Sanskar: Badepapa pr swara

Dp: Swara ko bhi ghar le chalo...vahi sahi faisla hoga.

Sanskar nodded while Ragini was horrified thinking now her plan will be flopped. Her eyes travel towards laksh and she asked something by her eyes to which he gave a frustated sigh. Making her more horrified. Sujata noticed their eye talk but didnt said anything. She looked at sanskar who was helping swara now...Is she doing wrong? A thought came in her mind.

Scene shifted to maheshwari mansion

All of them were gathered in a room. Swara was sitting on the bed as she was still weak. Sanskar was beside her only giving her full support

Ap: Jee ap is larki ki baato pe vishwas kaise kar sakte hai

Dp: (plain face) Jaise humne ragini ki baato pr kiya tha. Bhulo mat ki hume shekhar ki beti ke baare mei kuch bhi nahi pta.

Ram: pr bhaisaab ragini shekhar ke ghar mei hi rehti thi

Dp: Voh sab hum nahi jante. Swara tum apni puri baat btayo

Swara: (in tears) Uncle thankyou. (To Ram) Uncle I am your best friend's daughter. Me and ragini are cousins...Chachi died while giving birth to ragini thus my mom never differentiated between me and her.but she. She was always a stubborn kid. Mom thought it is because of her mother's absence but no it was only jealousy..jealousy that i had something which she doesnt have

Ragini: shut  up swara...what a story wow....tumhe toh iske liye noble price milna chahiye

Swara: Mai koi story nahi suna rahi ragini

Sanskar: ragini tum chup raho...Swara tum btao age

Swara: As this pass ragini started envying me but i didnt knew this...but my mom dad saw this and first they decided to send me hostel but as papa was a businessman there was a danger on my life so they decided to send ragini away. Everything was going smoothly until mom..da-dad died. I started living in a orphange and after some weeks ragini called me saying she wanted to come back...I could not go back to my house because of the danger on my life so ragini said she will live in that house. I never knew when you came there and she made that story of being the daughter of Shekhar Gadodia. She told me You people liked her thats why are fixing her marriage with sanskar. Me and  sanskar met in college and fell in love...If i would have known that she is going to do all this with me i would have never let her suceeded in it

Ragini: jhoot...jhoot bol rhi ho swara tum.

Swara: Mai jhoot nahi bol rhi ragini.

All the elders looked at each other when sanskar spoked..

Sanskar: bade papa ab ap kya kahenge

Dp: swara ki baat sach bhi ho sakti hai

Ragini: bade papa ap aise kaise keh sakte hai...she is lying...she just wants to take advantage of sanskar

Dp: Humne aisa nahi kaha ki vahi sach hai pr ho sakta hai ki tum jhoot bol rhi ho...Tum bhi toh kahani bna sakti hu...when we ask for your pictures with shekhar and sharmishta you said you didnt wanted their memories to make you cry thats why you dont have any pic of them with you

Ragini: Bade papa voh sach tha...Humne unki koi tasveer nahi rakhi kyuki hum un yaado ko yaad nahi karna chahte

Ram: ek min...bhaisaab mere paas ek tareeka hai sach pta lgane ka..

Ragini and swara looked at him.

Dp: Shekhar ki beti ko shekhar ke baare mei sab pta toh hoga hi na...Toh jo tum me se sahi jawab degi vahi shekhar ki saki beti hogi

Ragini cursed herself...she didnt knew anything about shekhar sharmishta...she never searched about them she just know the comon things about them...she looked at dp and found him looking at her only seeing this she immediately nodded her head..

Ram: Shekhar aur mai bachpan ke dost it is obvious he must have told his daughter about his friendship with me...So Who remembered this?

Ragini: (immediately) Ji dad i remembered...He once told me how beautiful your friendship was...He talked so much about you

Ram looked disapointed which ragini failed to notice...he then looked at swara who smiled faintly and spoke

Swara: No..He never told ne anything...He was a reserved type of person...but mom told me that you had a conflict years ago because of which you both didnt talked and lost all contacts

All of them looked at swara. She answered correct...they looked at ragini who said

Ragini: I must have forget dad...Mom must have told me afterall i was very small

Ram nodded and then spoke

Ram: okay maan lete hai....shekhar ko konsa rang pasand tha

Ragini: Neela

Swara: Neela rang unhe bohut pasand tha.

Dp and ram exchange glances and then dp spoke

Dp: Is tarah karne se behtar hai hum tum dono se yeh sab likhva le...voh zyada assan hoga..

Saying this he asked ao to bring pens and papers while ragini was smirking on her little win..

Screen fixed on ragini's smirking face..

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