Chapter 10: The Not So Unexpected Journey

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I was glad that Elsa told me where she lived. Maybe I could spy on her. Correction. I would spy on her. The rest of school was absolutely boring, nothing new. Elsa looked agitated, probably because I made her tell me where she lived. I wondered why. It was no secret where I lived, which was 43 Neevasunk Drive, Nomnouth Beach. In fact, the whole town knew where I lived. But I guess Elsa was different.

Finally, the bell sounded. For me, that was a call from heaven. I rushed out the door of class. "Jackie!" Punzie's high-pitched voice could be heard over the loud roar of conversation. She caught up to me, and whined, "Jackie, why didn't you give me a kissy?" asked Punzie in sickly-sweet, girly voice. "My grandparents are visiting from Germany," I lied. Well, it wasn't entirely a lie. They were coming in five hours, but my family, 'liked to be prepared.' In other words, we vacuumed and shoved all of the junk we didn't use into a corner.

Punzie nodded. She knew what my family was like, and that it was rare for my grandparents to visit. I ever so quickly kissed Punzie's forehead, and sprinted out the door, following the mysterious Elsa Hansen to God-knew-where.

__________ ELSA'S P.O.V_____________

I knew Jack was following me. I could just tell that he was tailing me, I was good with that stuff. But my father always shut the blinds, so nobody would see me getting beaten. I decided to go the dangerous way, hoping to loose Jack in the process. A few alleyways with knives sticking out of walls, a few neighborhoods with large, drunk, smoking men with guns in their hands, and, worst of all, the one with the beggars. There was an alleyway filled with poor, starving, sick people. I always gave them all the money in my pockets, which was never much, and they understood, and then they would say, "Bless your soul."

After the dangers of KnifeWall Alley and GangTown, we made it to Blessing Alley. (Those are just what I called them, I didn't know the official names.) I emptied my pockets, pressing two quarters into a child's hand. "Fank yoo!" He said. I smiled. He was at the young age where, no matter where you were raised, everything would be fine. The age where you were ignorant to problems and worries, so you only saw beauty in the world. I was no longer like that. I knew how ugly life could be, and how hideously absurd it was to think that everything would be okay. To me, that seemed bizarre.

I walked to my doorstep, trying to will the ice welling up inside me to go away. Before I opened the front door, though, I turned around, finding Jack, and looked him directly in the eyes. "Don't expect beauty in what you're about to hear."

A/N: Hello!!! I just got back from Montana, and IT IS SO DIFFERENT FROM NJ! There are no street lights ANYWHERE, and houses were scattered across it. But don't get me wrong, it was BEAUTIFUL. The mountains were really pretty, and the lakes were pretty awesome to swim in. And shoutout to V_Sparklez for commenting that you live in NJ! GO NEW JEERSEY!!! Bye!-Unicornpig/Reg🐷🌈

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