Chapter 33

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A little bit of appreciation for our leading man xxx

Man its nice to run. Just run, wild and free, crazy, like we did when we were kids and shifted for the first time. Reckless. Abandoning all stress and worry. Just our paws clashing with the ground beneath us, breath coming in fast and hard leaving even faster.

And now as I run, following my mate, her majestic snow-white fur glowing in the sinking sunlight, pieces of the ancient puzzle have fallen into place.
I finally get that chapter of our packs history, the one that we all share. Having a mate to run with truly makes it all worthwhile.

We run in unison. One compliments the other. Her pace and agility fit into place with my strides and elevation.

I could not love this anymore. I adore her. And it didn't even matter to me before that she couldn't shift, I loved her the minute I saw her. But this, having this link together. It's truly brought us closer.

I am one hundred percent in love with this girl. This wolf. With the feeling she gives me. In love with what we are together.

Fuck. I'm so whipped. And I really like it.

This is how it is supposed to be.

I snap out of my in-mind melodramatic love story and follow along with Aida. She is doing well. Tentative steps at first have now become more assured and explorative.

James and Jemma have retired for the day, we ran together as a pack, maybe for the first and last time, for a few hours and then they decided to go back to the hotel and rest up for whatever lies ahead tomorrow.

Aida was enjoying the freedom on her first run too much so we had made our way into the foothills surrounding Strand land, careful not to step over the line. We don't need that right now.

Aida slows her pace as we approach the cliff edge and we come to a stand still together at the break off.
We stay like this, side by side, silent and still. Taking in the view of the rocks and crevices below us.

We could just climb down, stay like this and escape the whole drama of our lives.

Don't tempt me babe. I would if we could.


We can't. The pack. Our pack. James. We are needed.

I know.

But maybe one day.... we could escape for a while.

I would like that.

I would like anything if you were there with me


A low growl leaves my lips. I love this side of her.

She gives as well as she takes. It incredibly sexy.

So I guess we should head back. Or maybe you could tell me how to reverse this?

Oh yeah. But...

But what? Are we stuck ?

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