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Ethan's POV

Fuck I still haven't had enough of this girl . She can't be his. She can't . That's my girl  he can't have her . If it means I have to fight for her I will . Fuck that punk ass boyfriend that she has he ain't shit . I'm the one she really wants she just used him to get over me . Deep down she k knows that she still fiends for my love .  She's the only girl I can imagine this lifestyle with . She's still the one I adore .

I want to keep her happy  I don't want to put her through anymore pain . I already put her through enough I can't put more stress on her .  I've done enough .

Mary's POV

"Own it ! Own it !" Party sang as me and August bounced to it .

Me and him came to Toronto for Drake's OVO Fest . August was with me on the side of the stage . He was mic'd up ready to go next . He was one of the acts for the fest this year . I was so excited I get to see my boys enjoy a night together.

"Toronto I'm presenting one of my good friends . Give it up for August Alsina !" Drake called him out .

He looked at me and gave me a quick peck .

"Good luck baby ." I said to him right before he jumped on stage .

He started going crazy the crowd sang along surprisingly . He had a stunned look on his face for a good 5 minutes. He was making the crowd go crazy.

20 minutes into August set time

"Mary ! Mary! Mary!" The crowd was calling out leaving me in shock I'm not supposed to perform. I was just here to watch and enjoy just like them .

Drake came up to me and handed me a micro phone.

"Please ." Was all he said .

"They are demanding I'm just here to serve ." I smiled before waiting for August to call me on stage .

"Ayo ! Baybeh! Get yo ass up hea!" I chuckled by the way he called me on .

I ran to the stage and my song came on I started going crazy. The crowd was electrifying. The vibes were wildly amazing. It was like no other . Toronto really loves Drake .

"I SAID TORONTO ARE YOU AWAKE RIGHT NOW !" I put the microphone out for them .

"WHOOOOOO!" Was all you heard from the crowd .

I kept on doing the show with August right next to me. The city was crazy .

"IT'S TWO A'CLOCK AND I'M FADED. THIS KUSH FEELING AMAZING!" August started singing making the crowd go crazy .

The crowd was going crazy for August . People knew his songs word by word .

This night is going unforgettable.

Out of no where I heard Chris and Trey sing the song . I freaked out . The crowd freaked out especially.

I ran towards both of them and hugged them . I haven't seen the guys in two weeks . I've been so busy with August at these meetings and shows .


Then Chris came on and fucked the whole crowd up . The 2 2000's kings just hit the stage with Drizzy .

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