(15) magic overdose?

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After school they all decided Well more or less Patton Logan and Roman decided they should go to eat.

After a lot of insisting to Virgil seeing as they want to do this because of Virgil getting into school.

But after a while they got Virgil to agree.

" fine"

Virgil said a bit irritated

"Ok!... but first we need to go to the bank to get money"
Roman said cheerfully

" wait what? Woman you have more than $50 on you. Why do you need to go to the bank to get more money?!"

" that doesn't matter"
Patton said with a smile

" indeed"
Logan said adjusting his glasses

Virgil stared at the three of them.
' they're planning something'
He could feel it

But they went to the bank anyway. Right away Virgil felt a bit uneasy.

He did automatically push this off because usually when you felt this something bad is going to happen.

He quickly scanned his surroundings.

Before he can really note that much. the metal shutter things go download Windows an exits.

" put your hands where I can see them. and you put the money in the back!!"

His voice boomed and rang through the store.

He held a gun at the woman at the counter and she started to shuffle the money in the back.

" hey what do you think you're doing!"
Roman's voice was almost as loud.

The Rocker turned around to face them.

' wait. I recognized him.'

Virgil's eyes go wide as they realize who he is

' I've met this guy before. And if he's here robbing a bank.... He's not here to rob the bank. He's here to-'

PS time is going slow right now so I slowed everything down.
this is happened in 5 Seconds.

Virgil field the bullet heading in the gut. he turned around to see other two landed.

One was in Patton and shoulder.
And the other one hit the wall.

The bullet went straight through Pattons shoulder.

Patton fell to the ground. Roman was stunned and stood there in shock.

Virgil Quickly's slid on his knees to where he was hit.
Logan drop down and cuffed his hands around Patton's face.

Virgil quickly scanned over patents body.

Ok. Time is back to normal

Pat and what shot is upper shoulder where an artery was. Blood quickly soak the floor and it was all over the place.
Virgil could field Patton's soul getting fainter and fainter.

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