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i. hold your breath - ruelle

  Far away, something calls
On the edge of it all
Face the fire, let it come
On the edge of it all  

ii. breathe - fleurie

  I feel the pages turning
I see the candle burning down
Before my eyes, before my wild eyes
I feel you holding me, tighter  

iii. wolves without teeth - monsters and men

  I can see through you
We are the same
It's perfectly strange
You run in my veins
How can I keep you
Inside my lungs
I breathe what is yours
You breathe what is mine  

iv. in the woods somewhere - hozier

  I clutched my life
And wished it kept
My dearest love
I'm not done yet  

v. mary - agnes obel

  In my house the silence rang so loud
Under doorways, through the hallway down
Waiting for the secret to grow out
Oh what we do when no one is around 

vi. wolves - loic nottet 

  Hide, hide, hide, hide away 
But you will find me 
We're hoping, hoping, hoping, love will 
Find a way but that will not be easy 

vii. never enough - the hunna

  With the bangs of the drum
Walking town to town
You know that it's you
That I need around
And if you're walking downtown
Then I'm coming 'round
For you, for you  

viii. honey - trace 

Call me honey
Give me something
I can keep  

ix. damn your eyes - alex clare

  Damn your eyes
They're taking my breath away
For making me wanna stay  

x. lose your soul - dead man's bones

  I get up in the morning
Put my dreams away
I get up, I get up, I get up again  

xi. deep green - marika hackman 

  Just because I love your skin
Doesn't mean I'll jump in
The water's clean and warm and green
I'm not allowed to swim
I'm scared of getting in  

xii. night - adna 

  Silence grows and you're all i know
Eyes are closed, ill see your smile, your love
This is what
It could be
It is all
It would be

xiii. die for you - the weeknd

  Even though we're going through it
And it makes you feel alone
Just know that I would die for you
Baby I would die for you, yeah
The distance and the time between us
It'll never change my mind, 'cause baby
I would die for you  

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