The DuMort was a ten minute walk. Five minutes, if I ran. Gosh, I hated running. Cursing underneath my breath, I pushed past a dude who looked scared that an invisible force had pushed him out of way in the direction of the residence of the Brooklyn vampires.

• • •

"Alec!" I called, panting. He was with Magnus, who looked troubled as well.

"Ames." He sighed, grasping me into a hug. He pulled away all too quickly. "Let's go."

We made it into the DuMort, past rooms and others, I even recognized the room where Camille Belcourt had kept Simon captive.

That's when we stopped in front of a black door, which I realized it to be Raphael's suite.

Before all this stuff with Camille happened, before my friendship with Raphael was still stable, I would go here and attempt to cook.

Sure Raphael was a vampire, but he sure could cook.

Alec pushed the door open, revealing a guard who looked shocked. "Hey! What are you doing here? You can't go in!" He protested as Alec shoved the vampire to the ground.

That's when I saw it – A pale looking Isabelle getting her blood sucked by Raphael. Rushing to them, Alec landed a punch on Raphael, knocking him off of the couch.

"Alec?" Izzy asked groggily.

"You stay the hell away from her." Alec pointed his finger at Raphael threateningly.

"You don't understand." Raphael said. "It was Aldertree who got her addicted to yin fen."

My eyes widened, as we all stared at him. "What? It's the truth. I was only trying to help."

"By drinking her blood?" I accused as Alec landed another blow. Both men grunted as Raphael managed to stop Alec from hitting him again.

I could tell Raphael wanted this to end, but he needed to snap out of it. "It may have started with the blood, but it's more complicated than that, all right?" He reasoned. "I care about her."

Alec turned to him, daring him to answer. "What did you say?"

"I have feelings for her." He swallowed deeply.

Weakly, Izzy gripped the couch. "Raphael, let him go."

Raphael did let him go, only for Alec grab Raphael and punch him repeatedly in the face.

Izzy was shouting, pleading for Alec to stop. I ran forward, and closed my hand against his fist. His knuckles were bloody.

He attempted to remove his fist, but I wasn't having it. I only tightened my grip. "Alec, stop. You're too worked up."

I released his fist, as he turned to Magnus.

"This is my family. If you had told me about the yin fen, none of this would have happened." He exclaimed.

"I didn't know." Magnus said.

He glared at the warlock. "You knew enough. We're leaving." He declared, grabbing Izzy by the arm before leaving.

"I wasn't lying about what I said." Raphael spoke. "There's something about her. I haven't felt this way in a long time."

I only placed a hand on his shoulder. "You better do something about that cut."

"I'll heal."

Magnus gave him a sympathetic look, but I didn't hear what he said. I was already out the door.

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