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hi I just want to say again that I don't own shadowhunters. All rights go to Freeform and Cassandra Clare. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this chapter!


I pulled my seraph blade out of the holster on my thigh. A few Ravener demons had been causing some trouble, there was already an incident where a mundane had caused a car crash. Fortunately, the man driving had survived, with only a mild concussion and scratches.

So right now, I was in a dark alley, few blocks away from the incident.

I wanted to get this over with. For the past few minutes, my phone had been vibrating non-stop, and it was starting to get annoying.

The sound of something hitting the ground snapped me out of my thoughts. I spun around, seeing a bunch of boxes scattered.

I gripped my blade tighter. And then I heard it, the sound of a low growl.

...The demon would've caught me by surprise if I didn't activate my Nyx rune before I got here.

But then they came from the roof, and from both ends of the alleyways.

"Shit." My other hand went for my other seraph blade. I would have to fight my way through. I pulled out another blade. "May the Angel be with me."

And with that, I charged.

One tried to land on me, but I raised my blade up, and the demon vaporized looking like a kebab. Two came from both ends, but I ducked, both of them meeting the end of my blades.

I smirked, although I knew I shouldn't be cocky. After all, it was because of these demons I fell into a near death experience.

Well, I'll just send them back to Edom, then.

I hurled my blade at the first demon, the blade embedding into it's forehead. I beheaded the next, swiftly kneeling down to retrieve my other blade.

I slashed the other across the chest and slammed the hilt of my blade against it's head. I got to the end and shoved the crates in their way before loading my crossbow and marking the arrow with the heat rune.

Amelia, this has got to be one of the stupidest stunts you have ever done.

The fire blazed to life as I shot it at a Ravener who fell against another demon. The fire started to spread as I sighed.

Leaving the sight quickly, I went to the payphone near by and dialled the fire department.

People were already running to the sight and panicking. "Hello?"

"Yes, hello, there's a fire, and it's spreading quickly. Please, get here fast."

"Okay, ma'am, can you tell me the location?"

I told the receiver the location, put down the pay phone and activated my glamour rune.

Then I opened my own phone, finding a few missed calls from Alec. I dialled his number, while I leaned against the payphone, watching the firetruck pull up.

"Ames." Alec's voice flowed through the speaker. He sounded panicky, and I gripped my phone in alarm. "Meet me at the DuMort. Izzy's here."

My eyebrows furrowed, but then I remembered. "The illegal supply of yin fen. Yeah."

Alec scoffed. "No. That reason was bullshit. Just get here safely, and I'll explain everything."

Alec ended the call, and I stared at it, baffled.

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