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The Tables Have Turned


Emily and I stared at my room with wide eyes.

“Oh my God. What are we going to do about that mess?” Emily cried.

There were clothes and clothes and clothes everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

“We have exactly two hours to get ready. We have to clean up with super speed, okay?” I said as I grabbed the shirt that was hanging on top of my drawers.

“Okay,” Emily agreed.

“We have thirty minutes to clean up this mess,” I said and she nodded.

We started running around the room, grabbing shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, pants, and socks and fixing them in my closet or on my desk if they belonged to Emily.

Thirty-seven minutes later, we both ginned at the clean room with only two dresses laid down on my bed.

I grabbed my dark blue dress and Emily grabbed her red one. We put them on and gave each other nods of approval.

She sat on the chair and I did her hair first. I curled her blond hair and applied some makeup on her face. The whole process took me forty-five minutes and I felt proud when I saw how amazing she looked.

For the next forty minutes, Emily straightened my brown hair and did my makeup—light, the way I like it.

We heard a knock on the door and Clarissa called, “The guys are here!”

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was exactly 8:30p.m. Right on time!

We slipped on our shoes, silver for me, and gold for Emily. I grabbed my silver flower necklace and put it on as I followed Emily out of my room.

She suddenly stopped walking, causing me to almost bump into her.

“The purses!” She said.

“Oh!” I replied as I rushed back to my room and grabbed her gold purse and my smaller silver one.

“Thanks,” she said as we walked down the stairs.

We heard the voices coming from the T.V room and my heart beat accelerated when I heard Alex’s voice.

Emily walked in first and I smiled slightly at the way Josh’s jaw dropped and he stared at his girlfriend with awe.

My attention was quickly diverted to my boyfriend as his gaze slowly trailed down my body before going back up to my eyes.

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