| Chapter 1|

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{ Y/N P. O. V }

I was walking in the park and then i saw some kids playing in the playground

As i was starring at them I didn't notice that someone is coming infront of me, and then he bumped into me and accidentally spilled his drink into my shirt "HEY!" i shout and i immediately wipe the stain using my hands "oh I'm sorry" the boy said and immediately gave his white handkerchief to me "Are you blind?!" i continue wiping the stain "i am very sorry i didn't mean to do that" he said "aish it's okay, just watch it next time" i said then i left

{ YOONGI P. O. V }

I really don't know what happen but as she was removing the stain i stare at her and i can't take my eyes off her, like she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen she's the perfect girl for me brown eyes, cute girl, pinkish lips, rosie cheeks just wow.But that face is very familiar to me, i know i already saw her.

{ Y/N P. O. V }

Well it's really my fault, it's me who bumped into him i wasn't focusing on where i was going, after a few moments i finally get home ofc im tired so i decided to nap for 30 mins and gonna do the laundry.

As i was doing the laundry i saw white handkerchief that doesn't belong to me "huh? where is this come from?" i ask myself until it hit my head and remember the boy "ohhhh, it's from the boy,I'll just keep it" i smiled and wash it.


{ 2 Years Later }

{ Y/N P. O. V }

I woke up by seeing the morning sunshine peeking through my window i stretched my arms and walk into the bathroom, i wash my face and i put some light makeup and change my clothes into some simple outfit i go downstairs and drove my car to our meeting place at starbucks.

I arrive and saw them waiting for me, so i go sit down and we start talking.
After 30 minutes of talking they already leave, then i grab my drink and go to my car but then

I wasn't focusing where am i going because my brother send me a message, i was busy chatting and walking then i accidentally bumped into someone and spilled my Hot drink on his shirt "Aish Really?!" The boy said angrily "Oh god i am really sorry" i gave him my white handkerchief "im really sorry, i was so busy on my phon-" he cutted me off "Its okay just watch it next-" he stop and looked at me then i gave him a confused look "Are you the girl who i accidentally bumped?" his eyebrows furrows "I don't remember that guy anymore, but i remember that moment" He look at me, then i remember that day "Oh it's you, it's been a long time" i said "yup" the boy said and crossed his arms "Btw I'm Park Y/N" the boy immediately look at me "Y-Y/N?!" He looks at me happily and hugged me "Hey get off me-" I said as i let go "You don't remember me?" the boy ask me "No, who are you?" I was really curious "I'm Min Yoongi, your childhood friend" He said and my eyes got open wide "I-it's you??!" i nearly jumped and screamed "it's been a long time y/n" "But why didn't you comeback yoongi?"

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