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Joohyun's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her alarm clock. She quickly shut it off slowly getting up as not to disturb her girlfriend sooyoung.

Joohyun's whole body was sore as she made her way to the bathroom. She groaned in agony as Joohyun went to do her usual morning routine in the bathroom and went back to her shared room.

Joohyun looked at the mirror, lifting up her baggy white shirt. There on her chest were several dark purple bruises on her navel. Big ones.

"Ah I guess a sweater today..,"She mumbled as if it was something normal.

Joohyun looked inside the dresser pulling out a baggy baby blue sweater with the writings, "Baby Girl" on it in white. Replacing her white shirt she pulled it on and pulled out a white skirt and knee high stockings from the dresser too.

Joohyun glances over at sooyoung and made her way over giving her a peck on the forehead before making her way to the living room.

She grabbed her bag and slipped on some white shoes before heading out the door.

Joohyun happily skipped all the way to university forgetting her aching and putting on a bright smile.

Finally she arrived to her class sitting in the back with her two best friends Yeri and Wendy.

"Yah your late!"Yeri said slapping her arm directly on another bruise. Joohyun flinched but put on a fake smile.

"Kim Yerim dont hit her!"Wendy shouted at Yeri before getting interrupted with Joohyun's giggles.

"You guys are ridiculous~,"Joohyun said while sitting down. Wincing at the pain her ass bruised too. Yeri pouted and put her head down on the desk.

"Ah Joohyun unnie there is a girl in our class I've never seen before named Seulgi I think? We should go meet her,"Yeri suggested suddenly popping up. Joohyun nodded trying to listen to the teacher drown on about something stupid.

The day finally passed and the whole gang went to go see the girl they were talking about.

"Ah hello I'm Yeri! You're Seulgi right?"Yeri smiled happily while holding out her hand for her to shake. The girl who sat there, startled looked up and gave her an awkward bear like smile before shaking the hyper active girl's hand.

"Ah you're right! I like your name! Who are these peope?"Seulgi hummed glancing back at Wendy and Joohyun.

"I'm Wendy and this is Irene unnie,"Wendy said pointing at a now shy Irene. Joohyun is walked foreword a bit smiling warmly.

"Ah nice to meet you~,"Seulgi bear smiled warmly to them all.

"Unnie! Unnie! You said we could go get ice cream!"Yeri yelled suddenly making everybody flinch.

Wendy looked at her and shushed her before nodding.

"Ah seulgi do you want to come with us?"Wendy asked. Seulgi nodded and stood up shuffling awkwardly besides them.

They all finally reached the ice cream shop Yeri getting her ice cream then Wendy then Joohyun waited there patiently. She finally got her order bending over to pick it up and with that her sweater came up. Seulgi looked down at that exact moment and saw every inch of her body was covered with bruises.

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