Chapter 30

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Previously on 'The Vampire's Mate' :
(Natsu's voice)

Mira Jane: You're E.N.D.

Gray:" Erza's supposed to have a child of mine. "

Mira: "Juvia is the key to E.N.D's awakening. "

Erza: "He'll drain her dry and then kill everyone. "


"We need to think of something fast." Says Natsu worried about his mate who with every minute passing looked even worse than before. At first she started with the paleness . Then it started with sweating and darker hair. Now she's getting black veins all over her body , which meant that the ancient witches spell was working.

"We will, for now we need to work with what we can and that means giving her your blood through IV." Says Mira Jane as she starts taking blood from Natsu's left arm. He just nodded and remained quiet. It was extremely hard for him since he couldn't even get into her mind because of how shielded she was by the spell.

He knew that it also meant that she would be meeting E.N.D unless she hasn't already. All these thoughts were making his head spin at this point and he couldn't control it, his rage was already getting to the point where not even a binding spell could control him.

Meanwhile with Juvia...

I was at a loss of words...
I felt cold , lost , sad, heartbroken...?

Where did Natsu go..?
Why can't I wake up..?
It's like the harder I try , the weaker I get...

Faded away into this wicked world .
I've become the dark of me...And the worst part is , no one can save me ...

I tried screaming at the top of my lungs but it was no use , no one heard me . It's not like there was any hope either I was in a dark endless pit of black . Nothing more , nothing less.

That is until I heard someone speak from a few feet behind me.
"So you're the famous mate everyone's going crazy about. May I just say , you're not at all what I expected." I turn around to see, Natsu...?


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