A Man Chooses

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"And there goes my poetic Geoff." Chloe had grown accustomed to his articulate nature over the evening so the blunt remark shattered the allusion her mind had formed. It was her own fault for idealizing the people around her, one of her nasty habits. Like most of her habits, they ended up hurting herself more than the people around her. She didn't deserve the cruelty from the world but it changed nothing. The world would still spin despite her hardships.

"I'm Geoff." He giggled more to himself than to either of the two girls. His head was still spinning, making him feel a little dizzy. Other than that, Geoff had never felt happier in his entire life. He had taken on a villain, saved a princess and lived to tell the tale. On top of all of that, his date was holding his hand which was something he had wanted to do since the beginning of the night. Her hands were softer than he had expected. They were much softer than Awsten's, probably because the girl with ombre hair didn't play guitar. Awsten's calluses weren't as obvious as most musician's but it was still a noticeable difference.

"I know." The younger girl giggled at the obvious statement. Geoff wasn't usually the type of guy that Grace was attracted to. She tend to have a preference to muscular men that were much taller than her. Geoff had only one of those things but he had a charm to him. He was charismatic and somehow still looked cute with a split lip, which wasn't an easy thing. His bright blue eyes and long shaggy hair only strengthened her attraction to the older boy. He still fit her base requirement; if her parents were still around, they would hate him. "I'm Grace."

"I know. I can't speak for him though." Chloe was drunk but arguably more sober than Geoff. Of the three of them, Grace had probably drank the least. She was buzzed but nowhere close to being drunk. She hadn't trusted herself with the person she was with to get drunk. Grace's alcohol tolerance had increased a lot over the last few months. Drinking a bottle of liquor a day would do that to a person. "I'm out of it but he's more far gone than I am."

"I've never babysat two drunks before." The closest Grace had ever come to something like that was a couple months before her dad had left. When he was around, her father would go through a case of beer a night and do a couple lines. It started when she was younger, maybe six or seven but the intensity was much lower. A case had started with a bottle and then two and before anyone had taken much notice, it became a case. The weed he had smoked for his pain was replaced with prescription drugs and later cocaine.

"First time for everything." Her father often acted different when on the substances. There had been a handful of times her father had tried to touch her inappropriately. After the first time, she began to hide a blade under her skirt on her outer thigh. Each time after that had ended with her father's hand gushing blood on the living room floor. Her mother questioned the blood staining the carpet at first but when she found out about what had been happening, she aimed her shotgun at her husband and insisted he leave. He didn't argue with her. Grace had never seen him again but still wore the blade on her right thigh, just in case.

"She's Chloe. She's hard on the outside according to Awsten but soft on the inside according to me. She's like an M&M." Awsten had constantly tried to show Geoff the side of Chloe he had seen in Forever 21 all those days ago. He had seen her on a bad day in one of her worst moods. The usually independent and level-headed sales clerk seemed almost delusional and enraged. There was something about Awsten that got on her nerves and unfortunately for Chloe, that feeling went both ways. "The green one. The green one was the hot one."

"Who's Awsten?" Grace wasn't a part of their world and up until recently, Chloe and Geoff's worlds had yet to collide. Geoff had been dead the last three years and all so technically all of this second life thing was still pretty new for him. Grace was unaware how recently the pair had met. Their banter was consistent and the connection lead her to believe they had been friends for a few years at the very least.

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