Strange & Stranger

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"Where are you taking me?" Grace wasn't all that concerned but more so curious. In her eighteen years of life, she had gotten into some pretty shady situations with some rather risky people. She eyed the girl with the ombre hair who still had her hand pressed against hers. She was warm to the touch but that wasn't saying much since the younger girl was always cold for some reason. It didn't help that the sun had set hours ago and she was wearing a skirt with a crop top in the fall. Goosebumps were starting to develop where the stockings met the tops of her thighs. The breeze would have been described as bone chilling by her mother. Too bad she wasn't around anymore.

"I won." Geoff was mostly muttering to himself in his drunken state. He had convinced himself that he won the battle exclusively based off of the fact he was able to get Grace away from what he could only imagine was a tinder date gone wrong. It didn't matter that his eye was on the verge of swelling shut or that his lip hurt him almost as bad as being hit by a car all those years ago. She was safe and that was a victory within itself. "I'm the greatest. I won."

"Does it matter?" Chloe hadn't let go of either of their hands. She didn't trust Geoff to run off and she wasn't exactly sure that Grace could be trusted to stay away from the man she was rescued from. She looked at Geoff, trying to gauge the severity of his injuries. None of them seemed bad enough to take him to a hospital, thankfully. She wasn't sure what sort of insurance the boy had anyways. An ice pack and some Neosporin would do the trick just fine. She was glad she had chosen the location she had; her apartment was only a few blocks away from the bar. "Anywhere is better than back there."

"You're right." Her mother died three months ago and five years before that, her father left. Losing her mother felt like Grace was losing a piece of herself. Her mother was the one bit of sanity she had, holding herself together. When she passed away on that day in late June, Grace drank to numb the pain. She hadn't stopped since. She didn't want to think about what was going to happen to the house or her plans for college or her mother's debts. She wanted time to stand still. She wanted a moment to catch her breath and think about it. "I just don't feel great going somewhere with two strangers."

"I won, right?" For being an absolute amateur, Geoff did a decent amount of damage to the other guy. He got in a few key shots to his face and although he wasn't aware of it, broke the dark haired boy's nose. Sure, Geoff's blocking probably could have used some work given the damage done to him. The majority of the worst injuries were on his face although a decent amount of bruising would surface on his torso over the next few days. Maybe Street Fighter wasn't such a bad teacher after all. "I won?"

"Yeah, you did bud." Chloe was almost as drunk as Geoff yet still took on a motherly role, taking care of the two other people to the best of her abilities. She wasn't sure what to make of Grace. The bubblegum haired girl had a childlike innocence that didn't belong in a bar setting. She had a collar around her neck indicating that she either had an interest in alternative fashion or was into some form of BDSM or pet-play. Either way, she fit perfectly into the pair. A wild card like the two of them would do just fine.

"You made him mad is what you did." Grace's tone was laced with worry, not just for herself but for the two kind strangers who helped her out of an awful situation. It wasn't the first time she had seen Eric that angry but it was the first time anyone was foolish enough to get in his way. Geoff and Chloe seemed nice enough but she detected something between the two. A chemistry flowed between them, unable to be seen by the human eye. She was positive that if her friend Otto was around, he would've commented something about their energies or chakaras.

"It was worth it to keep you safe." Geoff had a thing about saving people. He always wanted to be a knight in shining armor; a feat he could never pull off when he was sober. He didn't have the balls to insert himself into dangerous situations and he didn't have the nerve to tell people off. Alcohol gave him something he desperately needed; an escape. Nothing he did while he was intoxicated felt real. His actions had no consequence. He could beat up the bad guys and get the girl without having to worry about what happened after the credits rolled.

"Somehow you're still a smooth talker when when you got the shit kicked out of you." Chloe snorted at her own remark although the comment earned a giggle from the girl holding her hand. Grace would've been the kind of girl she would've had a crush on in high school. Chloe had a thing for feminine women to say the least. Every one of her previous girlfriends could've all easily shared the title of pastel princess. It was when Chloe entered college that she realized these girls weren't the best in relationships or bed and tried to give up on her attraction to the fatal femmes. "File this under one of my most interesting first dates."

"I said I was full of surprises." Geoff mumbled, rubbing his swollen eye with his free hand. He was starting to notice his vision was a little blurry in his injured eye and blinked a few times to try and fix it. The majority of the blurred vision left but the pain remained all the same. Chloe tugged on his other hand in an attempt to get him to stop irritating his injury with a surprising amount of force. She was without a doubt successful in her mission. "And I won!"

"Did I interrupt your date?" Grace had thought the pair were friends when she noticed them across the bar. She noticed the girl twirling her hair and laughing loudly at whatever the brown haired boy was saying. She sort of thought that it was possible that the girl had a crush on him but boy, was the girl clueless. It was obvious based on Geoff's body language that he wasn't feeling her to the intensity she was interested in him. Maybe she had read the situation wrong or maybe there wasn't an alcohol strong enough to make him want her the way he wanted someone else. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine." Chloe wished she was of more help. If she had gotten control of her emotions and her heart didn't feel like it was going to leap right out of her chest, maybe it would've been possible to help Geoff. If she was able to walk over to the interaction before the first punch was thrown, it might've been possible to talk the two down from the altercation. She winced when she looked over at Geoff's eye, feeling more guilty than anything else. "You needed an out and we were there. I'm just glad somebody was."

"I just want you to be okay." Geoff meant what he had said like he often did. Despite all of his injuries, he was glad that Grace left with little to no damage. A small bruise was forming around her wrist but he had expected that already. He was just glad that he was the one on the receiving end of the punches and not Grace. He wasn't sure that a girl that tiny would be able to take all of them and still be breathing. He was grateful more than anything that he could have been there for her.

"You're such a gentleman." Grace wasn't used to men treating her this kindly. She had entered the BDSM scene at the young age of fifteen which had attracted nothing but problems. Any decent dominant wouldn't come within a mile of her but that didn't stop an array of interesting characters to enter her life. The majority of them were mentally unstable men who found some sick pleasure in hurting an underage girl. Abusive was a word that her friends had originally thrown around back when she had friends. After an encounter with a less than perfect daddy dom, she was cut off from all of her friends. "I guess I sure know how to pick them, huh?"

"You made a mistake. A lapse in judgement. We all do it." Chloe wasn't fully aware of what the younger girl had been through but if it was anything like tonight, she knew that she didn't deserve it. Chloe didn't need any context behind the fight at the bar or what Grace was screaming about. The pink haired girl was being physically restrained in a public place without consent and begging to be freed. There was no situation where she would have been in the wrong in Chloe's eyes.

"It's okay to fuck up as long as you learn from it." Geoff's mind wandered to all the times he had fucked up with Awsten but one stuck out more than the rest. It was before he had gotten his phone and they had started their bad day texting. Awsten had come home with tears streaming down his face, giving him a glow on his cheeks. Geoff had hopped up and tried to comfort the boy with a hug only for Awsten to lock himself in his room. Instead of beating on the door and getting Awsten to let him in to talk things out, he sighed to himself and sat down on the couch. It was one of the things he wished he could change. He wished he could change a lot about his own life. He was given a second chance to live again. This time, he would live his life how he was supposed to; how he wanted.

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