Chapter 3 - Back to Fallen Field Orphanage

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I held back shyly as the two girls ran up to their parents. The first figure I saw was a tall man with darker skin and brown scruffy hair along with a stubbly beard to match. He wore a typical blue shirt and navy jeans with black shoes: this wouldn't be such a weird thing if he didn't also have sharp white glowing eyes that seemed to contrast his mundane appearance entirely. However instead of having soft and sparkling eyes like Jorah Deshi. He beared sharp and defined glowing orbs that emitted a stern gaze that reminded me of the authority of an elder or Amelia.

I forced my eyes away once again to look over to what appeared to be the opposite of this dominant force beyond me. The smaller woman holding his hand next to him had a soft and welcoming appearance. She looked up at us and her soft wavy brunette hair bounced as she turned her head from the stall. Her eyes were a majestic hazel and almost appeared to have a heart emitting in the middle. I was confused as I'd never seen shapes like that in eyes: but then again, I had just met two people with white glowing orbs.

She had a soft baggy purple hoodie and a cut sleeve brown leather jacket on top of it, with the pocket holding on tightly to a red stained handkerchief. She had small white frills hanging below her hoodie followed by long white stockings that rode down from her petite thighs, she also owned a pair of tidy main coone black cat ears and a tail to go with it. And held a small wooden weaved basket of which contained bottles of milk, sugar, cherry's and freshly bought wheat.

Next was the three cats that surrounded them, I already saw it strange that they would bring all of their pets with them. Until I heard the cats speak...

"What are you guys doing back here so fast?" The first black cat asked suspiciously. This Maine coon had a pair of white round patches on his cheeks and one green and one blue eye. They shimmered whistfully in the sunlight as he tried to decipher what their excuse would be.
"Uhh, we got lost.." Nightshade blushed a bit in embarrassment,
"Yeah we got lost looking for eggs and stuff. I don't think they're down that way"
Nightshade leaned over and whispered "I don't think we looked properly-"
"SHH NIGHT" Jorah retorted.

The second cat appeared to be a Japanese bobtail and happily giggled at the two as they squabbled. She had white fur with patches of ginger paired with a purple bow wrapped around her neck.

"You guys are dumb!" She laughed, seemingly in a world of her own.
"Pffft says you!"

The third cat was a Russian blue with a clipped ear and mysterious green eyes. She continued to smirk at her own comment as the sass simply radiated off of her.

"Now now Tash, no need to show off in front of people" the man laughed, and suddenly everyone's gazes were pulled to me standing cowardly behind Jorah Deshi and Nightshade.
I quickly found it my cue to leave and stumbled back.
"Oh I'm sorry!" All confidence left me as I waved goodbye to Jorah and Night "um, maybe I'll see you again soon." I pulled the satchels up as they slouched against me and attempted to hurry away.
"Thank you for helping us !" I heard nightshade gently call to me; but I was too embarrassed to look back even though I had only taken a few steps.

I then heard a sweet voice I hadn't heard in the group of unfamiliar people before hand.

"Oh! Did you help them back here?"

The soft and alluring voice compelled me and I turned quickly.
"Um, I did."
"Then please, let them help you wherever your going! I don't want you to do something and get nothing back," she most stuttered as she offered me help. I had only realised now how evident it was I wasn't buying and I was a vendor: my clean school like uniform we wore at the orphanage, the satchels and the fact I had just left the stall we stood by. These factors that ruled my life in that moment unintentionally made me feel like a lower class citizen, and it hurt.

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