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"Even if you make plans you never think you're really ready for marriage?

It's like any growth. You can't be ready for it because it's growth, it's gonna be new. You're gonna have a new life, you're gonna be a new person."


I gave myself a long stare in the mirror before turning to my mom.

"This is it," My mom cried.

"My little girl is becoming a wife."

I hugged her as she cried. Tears threatened to escape my eyes, but they wouldn't let go.


"The day is finally here son, time to be a husband to a queen," My dad shouted.

I nodded and gazed in the mirror.

"You sure you don't want that bbb tie?"

"Nah, I'm ready to go out there." I answered.

My dad exited the room and I followed behind him. My boys were there waiting down the isle along with Kai's cousins. I greeted everyone as I walked and we all took our places.

The music changed to the classical version of mask off. I wanted to get turnt, but I had to compose myself.

Zoey was the flowers girl. She was in her stroller which was releasing petals on the floor. It was adorable son.

The music once again changed to the real wedding song. Everyone directed their attention to the back. My heart started to beat fast asf. I was hella nervous for some reason. I finally caught a glimpse of Kai.

She was really the girl I was marrying

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She was really the girl I was marrying. I stared at her and she returned back the stare.

Her dad brought her up and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Must be rough for fathers, they have to give their daughters up to a new daddy. Sigh

Kai smiled at me and I held out my hand for her to join me. We held hands as the ceremony began. Everything was going great until the vows part came.

"I didn't know we had to write our own, I don't even do my own homework," I rumbled nervously.

"That's ok, speak from the heart Melo," The pastor said.

I nodded my head and thought about it, then began to speak.

"The first time I heard about getting married I wanted no parts, but when I saw you something in me changed. You're so fragile, I never want to hurt you Kai-"

"And you better not!" Her grandpa yelled cutting me off.

The crowd laughed and I continued.

"You're the first that I think about at morning and the last at day. Your love makes forever feel like a short time. I promise to give you everything that you need and want babygirl. Today starts a lifetime for us. I love you with my whole heart Mekai Amari."

I wiped a tear that escaped from Kai's eyes. I really did love her. Feels good to finally express that.

"I didn't want to get married at first. I didn't expect to fall inlove with you. Its true that the best things in life are unexpected. You're what I look forward to in the day Melo. I love your corny jokes, even though I say otherwise. You're who I want to spend eternity with. I promise to be everything you deserve. I love you too Lamelo LaFrance," Kai revealed.

"That's beautiful you guys, give it up for young love," The pastor said.

"Now do you Mekai Simmons take Lamelo Ball to be your wedded husband?"

"Yes I do," She blushed.

"And do you Lamelo Ball take Mekai Simmons to be your wedded wife?"

"HELL YEAH BOI!" I shouted.

"HELL YEAH BOI!" I shouted

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Mekai almost choked. The pastor looked up in the sky, probably asking the lord what was wrong with me.

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs. Ball. You may kiss the bride," The Pastor smiled.

"I don't wanna see no nasty shit!" Her dad shouted.

I smirked and gave Kai a light kiss. The crowd cheered and we exited the ceremony area. A limo was waiting to take us to the next venue.

"We did it Mrs. Ball," I grinned giving her a real kiss.

"To new beginnings," She smiled holding my hand.

"To new beginnings."

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