C H A P T E R 1 7

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Army - Ellie Goulding

C H A P T E R 1 7



 "Quinn," he says my name smoothly, with confidence. "Great to see you again."  

 An involuntary shiver runs down my spine once I've processed his words. 

"See me again?" I frown, "we've never met." 

Carl chuckles, his eyes sparkling with knowledge. He likes having the power - the knowledge that I crave. I putty in his hands. 

"Oh, Quinn, you are so clueless," Carl says, his voice laced with humor. Annoyance washes over my body - he's doing this on purpose. He wants to get a reaction out of me. "It makes you all the more adorable." 

I put a poker face on, showing him that I refuse to let his words get to me. Two can play Carl. I think. 

"Why did you attack this pack?" I ask him, diverting the conversation. Carl frowns and moves towards the bed by the wall. He sits down and leans his back against the wall. The movement is so casual, so normal. I have to remind myself that Carl is far from normal. 

"You know why," Carl answers, fluttering his eyes closed. 

I press my lips together, angrily and cross my arms over my chest. "No I don't, that's why I'm here." 

Carl chuckles and snaps his eyes open. I try and not let his intense gaze effect me, or at least, try and not show how much it's affecting me. Carl scares me - he's the cause of my nightmares. That dream I had of him kidnapping my plays in my mind nearly every night - haunting me. 

"You're scared Quinn," he remarks, slyly. "Scared of me - scared of discovering the truth. Don't blame you." 

I throw him a scowl and straighten my posture. I will not let him bully me like that - I refuse to let him taunt me. 

"Stop playing with me. I want the damn truth!" I all but yell angrily at him, my eyes blazing. 

Carl smirks at me, pleased. I've never wanted to punch someone in the jaw more than I do right now. "Quinn, tell me, where's your father?" 

My whole body freezes at his question. I'm stiff as a board, shocked by his question. Nobody's asked me about my dad - not even Kaiden - well at least, not for a long time. My dad was a sore topic for mom and me. We rarely discussed him. I always thought it was because she couldn't handle talking about him without getting upset. 

"He's dead," I answer, my voice devoid of any emotions. From my peripheral vision, I notice Kaiden frowning. He's listening - and now that he knows about my dad, he's curious. 

Carl's smirk widens. There's something about the look in his eyes that isn't right. It's almost like he knows something I don't and he's happy about it. The possibility puts me on edge - again. 

"What? Do you know something I don't?" I immediately ask him, stepping closer to him. I can feel Kaiden's golden eyes on me; I picture him scolding me for getting closer to him. I pay no heed to that though, my interest has peaked. I hope Carl isn't messing with me here, I hope he genuinely knows something about my dad. 

Carl shakes his head, that smile still intact. 

"I know nothing about Alistar," he stops, shooting me an 'innocent' smile. "Whoops, seemed to have slipped up there." 

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