Chapter 76: Finishing This War

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Krinos could see a giant wave of water splash over in another part of the forest. That had Aquata written all over it. And then the next thing he knew, lightning then came crashing down from the sky. Apparently, Silas had cooked his agents well done.

"Get them soaked, then electrocute them," Krinos nodded his head. "I like the way you sirens think."

"Did you ever doubt us," Lena smirked. "That was the last of the agents on our end."

Krinos looked at the carnage his floral lions had caused.

"Guess i'm done to," he said.


"So with the high beams out of commission, we only have the agents left with their sun guns and holy water water balloons," Ethan said.

"Sounds easy enough," Erica evilly smirked, cracking her knuckles. "I still have some pent up anger I need to let out, anyway."

Sarah simply just shook her head at that. The vampire then all rushed back to help their yeti allies. But when they got to them, they seemed pretty much to be done with the agents already.

There was ice, snow, and fallen agents were scattered all over the ground. Frostbite and the other yeti were gathering all the ecto guns, sun guns, and any other weapons that were left. They were all in a pile that the ghostly snow beasts stood around. Dracula was also there.

"You're all just in time for the fireworks," Frostbite smiled.

"We're vampires," Sarah said. "We don't do fire."

"Oh, but we'll definitely make an exception for this," Dracula says.

Both of the magical races stood around the rather large pile of anti-magic weapons. Dracula looked at their vampiric book of spells. He chose the best one for the job.

"All together," Frostbite orders.

The yeti all raised their spears and the vampires raised their hands.

"Shadow ball," the creatures of the night cast as the yeti fired ice beams.

Dark balls of black energy, covered in purple electricity, were fired from their hands. The combination of the ice and shadow spell was enough to make all the weapons go BOOM.

"Got to love a happy ending," Sarah smirked.

*****Witch Academy*****

Siren and Beetle were forced to stop their kiss when they heard an "AWWW" behind them. They saw most of the Witch Academy students looking at them with a "those two are so in love" look.

"Get your own lives and bother someone else," White playfully snapped at them.

The students walked off, the girls still giggling to each other.

"Could be worse," Jaime said. "Cause didn't you mention that there was a siren of love."

"That would be Eos," White told him. "And if she finds out I finally have a boyfriend, she'll never stop teasing me."

"Hey guys," Melinda greeted, walking up to them.

The pair looked behind her, seeing her mystical golems holding Artemis by her arms. And boy did she look mad.

"Can't you just cast your golem spell on her," White asked, annoyed that she was even conscious.

"You want me to turn her into one of my rock creatures," Melinda raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well excuse me for hating someone that tried to shoot me," White crosses his arms. "Multiple time, I add."

Melinda looked at Beetle.

"Don't look at me," he shrugged. "I'm his boyfriend, not his keeper."


Celia jumped onto one of the agents, her legs wrapped around his neck. She then started punching the living daylights out of him. Griffin ran on all fours, using his lion paws for an advantage. He charged one agent, causing both of them to go right through a tree. Hawk dove down, picking up another agent with his bird claw feet. Flying up, he dropped him and he was impaled on Eros's horn.

"Hey, watch it," Eros yelled to Hawk, nearly falling from the sudden weight on her head.

She tipped her head forward, letting the body slide off her horn.

"Sorry, Eros," Hawk called. "Nice catch, though."

"Do those two ever stop," Caitlin wondered out loud.

Alain slid to a stop next to her. He just shrugged.

"Those two have been going at it since they were kids," he remembered. "And considering we're eternally young, and a few thousand years old each, that says something."

"So, how do we finish these psychos off," Caitlin asked, an evil smile on her face.

"Oh, I have that covered," Alain smirked. "While sliding around, I planted a few surprises. They should be going off right about..."

Giant ice explosions blew up all over Delos.

"Now," Alain smirked.



Nearly everyone in a mile radius jumped at the sudden explosion. And every harpy, agent, titan, and hero looked in the direction that they were all sure was Phantom getting his anger on. All except Nightwing, who was smirking.

"Got to love that brother of mine," he snickered.

"He's a freak," Wally sneered. "Should have just died before we ever found him in that park."

Something inside of Nightwing snapped. Kid Traitor could say a lot of things, but he crossed the line with that last one. He looked at him, his Bat-Glare turned up to twenty on a scale of one to ten. He took out his last amulet.

"You never did learn how to keep your mouth shut," Dick growled. "Make him tremble, King Basilisk!"

From a flash of light came a terrifying monster. Ten feet tall, made of stone and golden armor, is a lizard-like serpentine beast with killer red eyes.

"King Basilisk, show him why you don't say anything bad about my brother," Dick ordered, his newest titan's eyes glowing

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"King Basilisk, show him why you don't say anything bad about my brother," Dick ordered, his newest titan's eyes glowing.

Soon, all five of the Phantoms were flying toward him. They looked like a weight was off their shoulders.

"Hey, big bro..." they stopped instantly, fusing back together.

"Woah," Danny gasped.

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