"I feel safe when you're here." (Monster!Chandlamara)

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I've been a werewolf for most, no, all my life. I have crimson red ears and a tail that matches. My parents have similar colours.

But, I'm not allowed to show them in public. You see, I go to a human school, so I hide my ears and tail. I'm also the Queen of the place. No one questions my choices, my thoughts, my beliefs. Luckily, us werewolves can, using magic, make our ears and tail disappear. They also come out when I'm feeling extreme negativity, or over excited. I don't think it helps that the fact that I have a crush on my best friend, Heather McNamara - a human girl, who doesn't know my secret - also causes them to appear. I want to confess, but I don't know how. My anger is doubled aswell, which doesn't help.

Currently, me, Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara, were strutting down the hall, Duke to my left, and Mac to my right. I'm the alpha in the place, and I'm supposed to protect them. I'm supposed to protect her. But, Duke ticks me off at our lunch table, and things go differently and Mac finds out in the weirdest place.

“Hey, Chandler,” Duke began, eyeing me suspiciously, “Why do you growl at everything you consider upsetting?”

'Of course, I can't control that..' I thought, “Well, Duke, I growl because I'm the leader of this place!” I exclaim. Duke doesn't look convinced.

“Then why do you growl at everything that upsets you, even the tiniest bit?” She pushed. I swore my ears and tail were close to coming out, but I took a deep breath.

“I guess it's just a habit.”

“Uh-huh. And why do you get distracted by shiny things and laser pointers?” She's got me there. I gulp, trying to work up a lie. Mac looks at me curiously, and it takes everything to not let my ears and tail out because of her adorable face.

“I find them intriguing.”

“Really? What are you, an actual bitch?” Duke sneered. Without thinking, I find myself, despite being in long arse heels, dashing out of the cafeteria, throwing myself into the bathroom as everyone scattered out. I growl, and my extra parts show themselves.

“I CAN'T DO THIS! I'M GOING TO RIP THAT LITTLE BITCH INTO SHREDS!” I yell, anger overwhelming me. I punch a hole in the counter, gripping the sides of the sink, white-knuckled, breathing heavily, as my ears and tail were down and stiff in an aggressive position. I take deep breaths, count to ten, and make them disappear again. My fangs slowly shorten to normal size - human size, and I sigh.

What I didn't notice was Mac watching from just outside the door. She dashed away just before I could notice any trace, and I simply passed it off as the wind.


The rest of today went a little more rocky than I would have hoped. Duke wouldn't stop angering me, causing me to have five bathroom breaks, and Mac was avoiding me, but why? I didn't know.

I stepped into my room, glad to be home. I finally let my canine features return, “God, it's so stressful..” I mumbled to myself. I collapsed onto my bed, “Why do I have to go to an all human school? Why couldn't I go to a werewolf school, like everyone else?” I wonder aloud. I then curl up into a more comfy position and fall asleep.


It was three am. I knew that, and I jolted awake thanks to a rustle downstairs. My parents were out of town for the week, so I was alone. Thank God for good hearing, right?

I snuck out of my room and let out a low, but cold and chilling growl to let the intruder know that I was a threat. I dashed downstairs with my inhumane speed, trying to pin them down. Unfortunately for me, the stranger pinned me by the neck to the wall. They were wearing a mask, and I was struggling to move as they grinned.

“I heard that the Chandler's were werewolves, but I'd never thought it true! Now, you can be my little dog. Good girl!” I growled in response. This only widened their grin, “Now, little pupper, you're coming with me, and if you resist, Heather McNamara will die!”

My eyes widen as they dragged me out of my house.



It's been a week since Heather Chandler was claimed to have gone missing. I have a feeling that wasn't the case. Sure, I found her secret out on accident, but thanks to research after, I know she could rip them apart if she wanted. Something happened.

'I need to find her.' I left the school, as my fangs started to grow. You see, she wasn't the only monster here. I'm a Vampire. I have Chan's scent, time to go. I morphed into my bat form and went off to find my crush. Yeah, I had a crush on the Queen. Seriously, didn't everyone?


I found her. She was being treated like a fucking dog! She had a collar, and she had her tail tucked between her legs, and she was bruised and beaten. I flew down, and bit the leader's neck, draining enough to knock him out. He clambered head first to the floor. My eyes turned red as I changed back to normal, Chandler staring at me with awe.

“ALRIGHT, DICKWADDS, YOU TRY IT AND I'LL KILL YOU.” I threatened, and almost immediately, the leader's lackeys retreated, as I freed Chandler who hugged me.

“Come on, let's get out of here, babe.”

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