Chapter One

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Duhwayne Willington ( Pic To The Side )

I never asked for this life. I never asked to be in these streets. Its just something I had to do. When you have a single mother struggling to keep the bills paid, you do whatever you can to provide for her. Even if that's mean selling drugs, robbing people. I do whatever I can to provide for my mother. She's all I got.

I have no father, well I actually do, but I don't claim him. He left my mom soon as he found out she was pregnant. To me he ain't even a man, hes a bitch made nigga. Even though Im out here on these streets, I still need to get my education. That's why my momma making me transfer to this new school over on the northside of Atlanta. St Johnathon High School, its also a private school which also means it cost money.

I don't know why momma making me go this stupid ass school. She says it will help me with my basketball career, which I'm hoping shes right about, cause basketball is life. I've been playing ball all my life, I dream that one day I can get off these streets, and play in the NBA so I can give my momma the life she deserve.

  I groaned as I attempted to tie this tie around my neck. I've been trying for the past five minutes. I know this school is a private school and all, but is it really necessary for me to wear a uniform. I heard my momma come into my room. 

                     " Duhwayne your nineteen, you should know how to tie a tie by now. ", She smiled her famous smile that always seem to make me smile. I watched as tied the tie around my neck perfectly.

  " Now c'mon cause I dont want you being late on your first day. " My momma said as she left my room. I grabbed my bookbag and followed her to the car. 

     As we rode in the car I was on my phone on Facebook. I was inboxing this girl name Trinity that I've knew for while about this school since she goes there. I wouldn't say I'm popular, but I'm very well known around Atlanta. I guess its because of my basketball skills or maybe just my looks. Not trying to sound conceited or anything. I acutally know a few people that attends St Johnathon most, of them play on basketball team.

 The car suddenly came to a stop. I sighed as I looked out the window at the school. The school was huge. Blue, white and gold colored bricks covered the school. I felt my momma place her hand on top of mine. I look at her.

                    " Duhwayne, I know you dont wanna do this, but you need to. I dont wanna see you out here in these streets all your life." ,She spoke.

I nodded, " I know you dont wanna see me in these streets, but dont no son wanna see his momma struggle. "

         " Duhwayne you gonna have to grown up fast, cause I'm not gonna be on this earth forever. " She gave me a Stern look. 

 " C'mon now momma, you know I don't like when you talk like that. ", She rolled her eyes. " Just get out my car, and behave. I don't want these white folks calling me ! "

 I kissed her on her check as I got out of the car. I watched as she drove off leaving me alone in the school parking lot. I ain't gonna lie, but I was nervous as hell, but I just gotta get over it. I throw my bookbag over my shoulder as I walked inside of the school. As soon as I stepped foot in the school I was attacked with a hug.

                I looked down to see nothing, but black curls on my chest. I then seen a smiling Trinity. She looked alot better in person. " Duhwayne ! You actually came ! " , She said

       Trinity finally let me go. I never noticed how short she was. It was actually cute, I love short girls.

    " Stop starring at me. " ,Trinity blushed biting her lip. She was feeling me, and I could tell.

                           " You gonna show me to my class or what ? " , I chuckled .

        " Show me your schedule. " 

 I reached into my back pocket handing her my schedule. She looked at for a while than finally spoke. " We have fifth period together which is Gym, we also have the same lunch."

             I nodded, " So you gonna show me to my first period ? ". Trinity nodded motioning for me to follow her. I couldn't help but stare at her ass in that school uniform skirt. 

   As I was following Trin around the school I saw alot of other students, and let me just say this; St Johnathon got some fine ass females. I know I sound like a pig, but its true. I continued following Trin until she finally stopped infornt of a door. She peeked through the small glass window. She smacked her lips.


" You have a class with Adonis, a bitch nigga . " Trin smirk, " Anyway this is your first period. "

 I starred at the door that said "Mr.Malcott AP History" just as I was about to go in Trinity stopped me.

                     " If you need anymore help, you can always just ask me. " She winked as she walked off.

   Good God Almighty !






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