Maggie Sawyer- Morning (c)

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Stretching, you took in the sunlight that was rather unwelcome in such a pleasant moment for slumber. Mornings were a horrible time, destroying any happiness you gained throughout the night in dreams and pleasant rest, with a new day breaking to make you suffer another day long break from a sleep. You grunted at the sight of the morning sun, rolling over to face away from the window. There lay your girlfriend, Maggie, yawning and trying to tame her dark bedhead, still letting most of it stay against her pillow, not wanting to get up.

"Morning beautiful," you smiled, leaning in to bump your nose into hers.

"Morning," she smiled back.

You draped your arm around Maggie, keeping your face close to hers, your noses still brushing each other's.

"How was your sleep?" You questioned.

"It was alright, did you have any dreams?"

"Not that I can recall. I wish we could just sleep and cuddle all day, but the alarm will be going off in about fifteen minutes as then we have to get ready for work," you whined, desperate to just stay in bed and spend time with Maggie rather than have to be a functioning member of society.

Maggie moved her lips up to kiss the tip of your nose.

"We still have a little left then, to just appreciate our time in bed before work," she smiled.

You nodded your head, shuffling closer to her so that you could hold her and be happy together even if it was a limited amount of time before you'd have to go to work.

"How do you manage to still be so gorgeous in the mornings when you've just woken up?" She smirked.

"How do you manage to be such a liar so early in the morning?" You retorted.

She shook her head, moving her hand to brush your hair out of your face. "You are stunning. I love to see your tired smile every morning."

Your eyes rolled at her. You didn't know what she saw in you, but whatever it was you were glad she could see it even if you couldn't.

"I love you Maggie," you smiled, leaning in to kiss her.

"Not as much as I love you," she chuckled, pulling her arms around you so that you were even closer to her than before. "Maybe we should ignore the alarm for a little bit and get a little bit more time in bed?"

"I'd like that."


Written by Charlotte.

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