Chapter 8: His Girl

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how does spring work in seoul? i seriously have no idea

Hyunjin walked me to my room. We left the shop before dark and yet he still said something about protecting me.

"Hey," he said suddenly upon reaching my door. I raised my brows as if I was asking him 'what'. "Can I get your number?"

I looked away from him briefly before saying, "I don't have a cellphone."



"Are you serious?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"Are you even human!"

"I ask myself that too a lot."

He started laughing but it immediately died down. "If you don't buy yourself a phone I will."

"Buy me a phone then I'd throw it away." I smiled innocently and he rolled his eyes.



"Who is Peach?" He frowned for a few minutes then started laughing again. "What?" It was my turn to frown. I don't like the idea of being laughed at when I don't know the reason why.

"Nothing," he said when his laughter died down. "She's a childhood friend. I used to live in Las Vegas and I met her in grade school."

"That's all?" I asked. Jung Jinwoo who? I don't think she exists anymore.

"Yes," he said and laughed again. "We're just close because of that. Get inside now."

"Bye then," I said and went inside easily since the door's unlocked. Peach is not here again. Where the hell does she go to?

I couldn't treat myself but this day sure was worth it.

* * *

Who the hell invented school and why is it important? I can't wait to finish college and just focus on working but I still have a long way to go.

I also can't wait for summer. I'm really thin that's why I can barely handle the weather. It was the first of April yesterday but I still didn't feel any change in the chilly temperature. 15 degrees feels like 5 degrees to me. When I start working full time, first thing to do is to gain weight.

I left the dorm before Peach could wake up. I don't want to have at least the slightest conversation with her. This time, I didn't forget to put a bandaid over the mark. It's not a wound anymore...

I'm walking through the school hall with my hands locked behind my back again. Soon, we will be using summer uniforms which still don't have pockets. Bummer.

Our school has two buildings. This one I'm in is only for senior high school students and the other building is for elementary until junior high school. It's a bit of a walk so I've never actually met other building's students before.

We have a music room in this school but you need to ask for permission in order to use it but since I don't like asking permissions, I sneakily enter the music room whenever I feel like it. There are still papers to ask for and to fill in so it's really a bit of a hassle and I don't like hassles.

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