Chapter 9

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[Y/N Flashback: A few days later]

''shit...'' you murmur.


''I-I think I'm going to turn soon. I feel wierd''

''no....don't you dare. We're meant to turn together!''

You heave a sigh and watch the sun sink below the horizon, the sky filtered with red and orange hues. This time of the day truly was the beautifulest. It was like a paintbrush smeared across the horizon, a canvas transitioning a beautiful day into a clear night.

''it's not in our hands though...fate will decide''

His honey doe eyes locked with yours, rays of orange sunlight reflecting off his crystal orbs. ''Y/N...'' he muttered, realisation hitting him.

''....It's a full moon tonight''

The rest of the day, Jackson clinged onto you like a leech. He kept cuddling against your form and licked your face for the nth time now.

''It's not the last time I'll be seeing you, J. Stop licking me so much!''

''shh, the time is near..'' he muttered, looking up at the full faced moon shining like a beacon in the otherwise lightless sky. You gulp, feeling nervous.

''why can't we just stay together even after I turn?''

''It's not won't even remember me. Imagine yourself waking up in human form only to see a wolf next to you. You'd freak out and we wouldn't even be able to communicate''  he says sadly.

You nod, understanding his point. And then, moments later, an unusual feeling bubbles up inside of you. ''remember the promise, Y/N'' you heard his voice whisper. ''please...''

And then before you knew it, you were a wolf no longer.

[Jacksons POV]

Her clothless body was resting peacefully on the ground. He stared in awe at her flawless milky skin radiating off the moonlight, glowing like something that fell down from heaven. He gently moved a strand of her silky hair away from her face.

Who knew Y/N in human form would be this beautiful?

After minutes of admiration, he went to a tree trunk hole and grabbed some clothes Y/N had prepared specifically for this day. With much effort, he fitted them into her body, surprised and relieved she hadn't woken up yet.

He levelled his face with hers, and kissed her lips gently. I'm sure it'll feel more natural when we do it in human form...he thought to himself. Staring at her face for a few more moments, he finally licked it farewell.

Goodbye until the next time we meet, Y/N. When we're both in human form.

[End of flashback]

Back to the present, when you pulled Tae in for a kiss...

Your faces inches apart, he stares at you dumbfounded, and you're as equally  surprised. Not because you kissed him, but the fact that you literally watched a minimovie in your brain about your past. It all made sense now.

It was a revelation.

Now you knew how you'd randomly woke up in the middle of a forest; you had turned.

Now you realised why you had found hunting deers with the boys so nostaglic; it was what you did for a living before.

And now you realised why a kiss triggered the return of your memories; it was the last thing you did with Jackson.

That's right...Jackson. The thought of him evoked a rush of nostaglia through you.

However, now you had more questions than answers. Where was Jackson? Had he turned yet? How were you going to find him?

''remember me...'' his words echoed through your mind. You had to find him.

Lost in your myraid of thoughts, you completely forget about the presence of the man in front of you.

''hellooooo?'' he waves his hand in front of your face. You snap back to reality, when another thought hits you.

''Taehyung...take your shirt off''

He chokes and stares at you incredulously. ''w-what the fuck? First you kiss me and now you wanna d-do the s-word?''

You pause for a second, wondering what the 's-word' meant.

You sigh, suddenly feeling tired. Everything was too sudden, and it was stressing you out. You grab Taehyung by the collar and unbutton his shirt, not feeling patient any longer. The claw mark on his back you saw the other had to confirm it. 

''N-no Y/N stop sexually harassing me!'' he cries, trying to escape your grasp, but you only grip tighter and rip the shirt off his body. You gulp, flushing hot at the sight of his bare torso at close range, biting your tongue to remind yourself not to get distracted. You flip him around, so his back is facing you.

To your dismay, the sight confirms your thoughts. You trace your fingers along the marks, as you recall yourself dashing it with your paws on the night you went wild after your family was killed. shit...I attacked bangtan thinking it was the hunters...

You bite your lip, overcome with guilt and shame. You suddenly hear a shaky sigh escape from Taehyung. ''what are you doing to me...'' he breathes, tilting his head back. You immediatley stop fingering his back and retreat, as he turns around and faces you.

Gazing down at you, his compelling doe eyes narrow into a glare. You gulp harshly, the heat of his gaze resonating through your very core.

''Seriously, what's up with you today...?'' he inquisitively asks.

''I-uh um...'' you stutter, unable to form any coherent sentences. Feeling absolutley embarrassed and ashamed, you avoid his gaze and stare to the ground.

If only he knew what my intentions really were.

He slips his slender fingers under your chin, tilting it so your reluctant gaze meets his. ''you uh um-what?'' he questions, as you shiver at the insurmountable dominance in his voice.

You felt like dying on the spot.

For numerous reasons.

Mostly because the boy you almost killed was standing right in front of you, shirtless, questioning your sanity with a deep sexy ass voice whilst staring right through your soul with alluring piercing eyes.

And all the while being unaware of your identity, unaware that the girl standing in front of him is the same savage beast that slashed his back months ago.

A/N: yeh ima drop this and leave

A/N: yeh ima drop this and leave

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