Chapter Thirty-Two: Something to Think About

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Leaning against the door frame, Gabriela crossed her arms as she watched Jacob sleep and she couldn't help but worry after what she had heard the night before; she couldn't believe a vampire had managed to do that to him. 

It had been Rachel that had told her what had happened, and her stomach had turned at the thought that something could attack them without having to be in the same room as them. 

The entire situation scared her, and Gabriela couldn't help but feel relieved that at least Jacob was going to be okay; they didn't think that he would suffer any lasting effects from the attack. 

Gabriela knew that they would have to find the thing that did this to him, she couldn't shake the feeling that this was just the beginning of what was too come. 

"You should get some rest... I can watch over him for a while," Billy offered rolling up behind Gabriela, she looked exhausted and he was more than happy to take over for a little while. 

His dark eyes peeking at his son, he had been so worried when he had seen Jacob collapse and he doubted that he would ever forget what had happened. 

However, Sam had reassured him that whatever it was that had attacked Jacob was long gone by now; even if his words didn't sound that reassuring. 

There was something clearly bothering him and Billy hadn't been able to shake the feeling that Sam wasn't being entirely truthful about what was going on with him. 

"I'm fine... you look like you could do with the rest more than I," Gabriela replied softly, she knew that Billy had barely slept and she didn't blame him with everything that had happened. 

It was the least that she could do was look after Jacob while Billy got some rest, especially since Jacob had done so much for her since she had interrupted his life and turned it upside down.

Billy chuckled as he looked up at Gabriela, he couldn't help but notice the look on concern on her face when she stared at Jacob; he knew that look and he wondered if Gabriela had put much thought into her feelings. 

There was no denying that she had quickly settled into being back in La Push and she was doing what she could considering the fact that her entire life had been turned upside down. 

Gabriela looked at Jacob's father confused about what he found so amusing, she didn't feel like there was anything amusing about this entire situation. 

"You seemed to have settled back nicely," Billy mused gently, he didn't see the harm in giving Gabriela a nudge in the right direction and helping his son reach that happy ending. 

After everything that Jacob had been through with Bella and Nessie, he deserved all the happiness in the world and Billy was sure that Gabriela was going to make it happen. 

"Sue mentioned that you were had settled in at the medical centre," Billy continued pleased that she had found something to occupy her time, she was an asset to their community and he was thankful that they had such help at their little centre. 

Gabriela nodded her head, she was glad to get back to nursing and it kept her busy instead of sitting home with nothing to do but twiddle her thumbs. 

There was nothing better than getting back to work and Gabriela knew that with everything going on that it was the least that she could do; she was so thankful that her tribe hadn't turned their backs on her when she needed them most. 

It made her wonder just what would have happened if she hadn't come back to La Push when she did instead remaining in San Diego and marrying Daniel. 

Gabriela was more than sure that it would have only ended in tears if she had done so.

"I just want to give back to the people who are helping me," Gabriela replied, her eyes looking towards Jacob and making sure that he was alright; she had no idea how to repay him for everything that he had done for her. 

It was strange to think just how fast her life had changed in such a short amount of time while she had been here; it was completely different from what she had pictured for herself. 

"And we truly appreciate it," Billy assured her, he watched her face knowing that things could have ended badly for her and he was glad that it hadn't. 

Given what had happened to her ex-fiancé and the woman that he had been cheating with, there was no doubt that she would have died in his mind and he could only imagine what that would have meant for Jacob. 

The two of them were silent for a moment, both focusing on Jacob while he slept completely unaware of the conversation that was happening feet from him. 

"I can only thank the ancestors that they sent you here," Billy continued with a smile, he recalled how it had been their intervention that had brought her here. 

He couldn't help but wonder just what they had planned next and he knew that they wouldn't have given up so easily on what they wanted. 

Slowly nodding her head, Gabriela paused at that thought recalling how her entire life had been thrown off course because of an earthquake that had been sent by the ancestors to stop her from marrying Daniel. 

It had all seemed so stupid when she had first heard that the ancestors had stopped her wedding but now she couldn't help but think back on how lucky she was that they had. 

"They never do anything without a reason..." Billy hinted with a smile, he peeked up at her knowing that their meddling wasn't done just yet. 

He had no doubts that they had big plans that required Gabriela to return to La Push; she was important and he was sure that her link with Jacob was far from broken like they thought.

"You think that they have more planned," Gabriela murmured not sure what they could have planned for her, she wasn't going to question anything; she had a feeling that it wouldn't be so bad. 

Billy nodded his head, he had no doubts about that and he just hoped that whatever was out there wasn't going to ruin what could bring happiness to his son's life. 

Jacob had been through so much, from losing his mother to becoming a shape-shifter, things had never been easy for him; it was about time that something good happen to him. 

There had been times that Billy had often wondered if there would ever be happiness that Jacob could call his own; he had been nothing more than used by Bella when she had nothing better to do. 

Then there had been the 'imprinting' on her daughter, something that had never sat right with Billy about that and he was glad when he had been told that the connection had broken down. 

"You never know with the ancestors... they have all sorts of plans for us all, sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves and what we need," Billy said looking at Gabriela, he offered her a smile before slowly wheeling away and hoping that she might think about what he had said. 

He wasn't going to say anything else but he was glad that he had given her something to think about, it couldn't hurt to give her a slight nudge in the right direction. 

Gabriela watched him go, a slight frown on her face at what he had said and she couldn't help but wonder if he was right; she couldn't help but wonder why they had thought that she was a good match for Jacob. 

However, she didn't get to ponder any further as Jacob stirred in his bed; she crossed the room and sat down beside him, she didn't want him to wake up alone after what he had been through.

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