22. My girl?

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"I didn't think you was going come" I said as Nicki as entered
"Me either but I wanted to see Papi" She said as I took Mere's carseat out her hand
"Oh wow you ain't want to see me" I asked her and she chuckled

Mere started crying and I know what Nicki was thinking 'Save by the bell'. I walked into the living room and sat the car seat down and took him out.

"Hey daddy's baby" I said rocking him
"MOMMY" Mars said running through the hallway hugging Nicki
"Hi princess" She said picking her up
"NICKI" Papi yelled running too her
"Hi baby I missed you" She said leaning down hugging and kissing him

"Mommy are you spending a night" Mars asked me
"Umm no baby" I told her
"Please Nicki I want you to stay so you can make breakfast for us tomorrow your breakfast is better than dads" Papi said and I busted out laughing
"That's wild Pap" Meek said after chuckling
"But nah for real Nic you staying over here stop faking it's too late for you to be going somewhere anyways" He added and I playfully rolled my eyes
"Nah I'm just going to go" I told him before getting up
"Look Mere already upstairs in his nursery sleep and I know your over protective ass don't want to leave him" He said and I signed before finally giving in
"YESS" Papi yelled
"Well I'm about to get in the shower I guess" I told Meek
"You already know where you clothes at right" Meek asked and I shook my head before going into his room and picking out one of his shirts and a thong i had already here

I got in his shower and showered for about 15-20 minutes. I got out and dried my self off before putting lotion on my body and putting my clothes on. I came out the bathroom and Meek was sitting on his bed on his phone.

"Where the kids" I asked him
"Nic you been in the bathroom for about two hours they're sleep now" He said and I busted out laughing
"I'm sorry I didn't even know it was that long" I said in between laughs
"You good trust me Im use to you and your long ass showers" He said getting off the bed and reaching for my dirty clothes

I watched as he threw them in his dirty clothes basket.

"You can sleep in here I'll sleep in the guest room" He said
"Your guess room is all the way in the basement" I told him
"Yeah I know I don't know why you let me convert them three extra bedrooms into a play room, game room, and movie room" He said shaking his head
"I told you that was a dumb idea" I said
"Anyways I don't want to kick you out your own room so you can sleep in here I'll sleep in the guest room"
"No you're not sleeping down there"
"We're both grown we slept in the same bed several times" He added
"Yeah I guess you're right" I shrugged
"Okay so this bout to be a sleep over sleep over" He said and I looked at him and rolled my eyes before leaving out to check on the kids

First stop was Minks room. She slept with her door open and her tv on every night. I crept in her room and turned the tv off before walking over to her and putting her on the bed correctly since her body was hanging off the bed. I left out and went to Papi's room he slept the complete opposite way that Mink sleeps which is not like a wild animal. Then lastly I went to Meres room which was right by Meeks room.

He was still sleeping which was normal since he sleeps from about 9 at night to 3 in the morning, he eats then he goes right back to sleep.

I walked back into Meeks room and saw he was on the balcony. I went out there and he was sitting.

"I forgot how nice of a view you have" I said standing by the rail of the balcony
"Yeah one of the main reasons I brought the house remember" He said and at this point he was right behind me
"I remember I was pregnant with Mink and you told me you wanted a rocking chair out here so you can rock her to sleep and look at the view" I said and he chuckled in my ear
"Nic" He said and I turned around so we was face to face
"Yes" I said
"I want to be in a relationship with you" He said and I stayed silent
"Please Nicki I love you and I'm sorry that I hurt you but I can promise you everything I did to cause you pain will never happen again" He said and I stayed silent

I woke up completely naked.  I couldn't do nothing but smile when the thoughts of last night roamed through my mind. I smiled and got of bed before throwing on Meeks versace robe and going downstairs.

"Goodmorning baby" He said planting a kiss on my temple

I chuckled a bit and took a seat on the couch. I was about to speak but then Mere started crying and you could here it through the baby monitor.

"I'll get him" Meek said before running upstairs


"Goodmorning" I said walking in Meres room
"Damn you look just like mommy" I said picking him up

I looked down at my phone since it was ringing and I answered it.

"What's good Tak"
"Can you come to the studio"
"Nah man I got my kids and my girl here"
"Nigga your girl" He said laughing
"Yeah nigga don't be mad you don't get no pussy" I joked
"You don't know what I get"
"Anyways if you get some time come through" He added and I hung up

I came downstairs and passed Mere to Nicki.

"I'll make his bottle" I told her
"Okay but why don't you go to the studio" She asked getting up and walking in the kitchen
"Huh" I asked
"I heard you on the monitor" She said and I laughed
"I don't wanna leave you with Pap and you already be having Mars and Mere"
"They good" She said

"I thought you had to watch the kids" Tak asked
"My girl got em" I said and he laughed
"Yeah okay"

I took my phone out my pocket since it was ringing
"Is this Robert Williams" The lady on the phone asked
"I'm sorry but Mr. Williams there's been an accident"


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