Chapter One: Her Records

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The last of her father's scream echoes in the empty hall. The eight year old swung down for her final stab, dropping the chef knife beside her. "You won't hurt me or mama anymore." The door opened with Brooklyn's mother stepping in. "Brook-Oh my god! Brooklyn?!" Brooklyn looked to her mother with an innocent smile, "It's okay, mama. It's just us now." The mother froze from the sight of her formal husband and son's corpses. "Mama?" The police were banging the door, "Open up, it's the police!"

Brooklyn wailed around and screamed when the police carried her out from her house to the car with handcuffs. "Let me go! Mama! Tell them to let me go! Mama!" The woman cried into another policeman's arm in disbelief. "Brooklyn why?!" They shoved her in the backseat, still thrashing around to break free with no success. "Get me out! I want my mommy!" Warm tears stream down in anger and sadness while screaming her brains out. The police car drove away from the crime scene, leaving the shrieks of terror from her mother.
Brooklyn sniffed and curled up on the seat, hugging her legs. "W-where are you taking me?" One cop glance back at her, "To the station."

The murderous girl was sentenced to Smiths Grove Sanitarium, where dysfunctional, insane people are there to be 'treated'. Brooklyn was assigned to the young psychologist doctor, Marian Walter, for the years to help her. Brooklyn swung her legs in the chair, staring at the tile floor. The doctor sat in front of her with a clipboard and pen, clicking it twice.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Jameson. I'm your psychologist, Marian Walter and this will be our first session. How are you feeling today?" She smiled, showing off her pearly whites. Brook didn't bother to answer. "When will I go home?"
"I'm afraid you aren't going home for a while. You have to stay here until you're well." She patted her shoulder which made her flinch when Brook hissed at her, "I am well! I just wanna go home!" Brook whined and sunk in her seat. "Now Brooklyn, we can make this easy if we talk and get to know each other, like friends." "You aren't my friend." Marian quietly sighed under her breath, "How about this, we can make a promise. If we talk to each other everyday, I'll ask the judge to let you go home, okay?" Brooklyn looked up to see her atypical expression. She could tell that she was trying her best to cheer her up. "Okay.." "Good. Let's talk about this evening. What made you, commit those actions with your dad and brother?" Brooklyn scrunch her nose from the mentioning of them.

"They were mean to me and mama. They don't deserve go to Heaven. Bad people burn in Hell and they were bad." She said monotonously. Marian scribbled words on paper with a glance at her. "Mmhm. So, what did they do that was bad?"
"Daddy always been rude to mama when she haven't done anything to make him mad. He'd get in fights with her and steal her stuff." "What about your brother?" The little girl swallowed, "He's the same like daddy. He would hurt me and mama because we're girls. Girls are weak and useless, unless it's cooking or sex." Marina frowned a bit, "Has your dad, touched you in a bad place?" She slowly nodded and looked down on the floor again. "He always told me not to tell mama or I'd get in trouble. I don't wanna talk about them anymore.."

"Aw Brooklyn I know all of this is uncomfortable to you, but this will help release the negative things from your mind." Brook didn't want to tell everything about her dad or brother. All of those secrets had to be kept in her head. "Brooklyn please. It's for your safety and health. Think about it, when you leave here, you'll be better and happy." The little girl eyed her from her peripheral.


"We made a promise didn't we?" She said with a wink and bright smile that made Brook shrug. "I guess. Can we make it a pinky promise?" She held out her small pinky to her.

Marian locked pinkies with her and shook it lightly. "Pinky promise." She nod, "Our session is over. Let's get something to eat. It's dinner time." They both exited from the office to the hall that lead to the cafeteria. It was full of children with different disabilities and such. Some were either talking to each other, to themselves or quiet, all equally bugged Brooklyn. "What's for dinner?" She hugged herself and scanned the cafeteria. "Hmm I'm not sure. We'll have to wait til we get in front of the line. After dinner, you'll be escorted to your room. The staff here will tell you the rest." Brook nod and stamped her eyes on a specific boy.

Every boy here were unique in their own way, but this one sat alone with his head down. She kept staring at him until the chef gave her a plate. "Here, sweetheart." The supposably meal for today was sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. It reminded Brooklyn how crappy her elementary school meals were and didn't bother to eat. She wander off to an empty table, sat across from Marian and stared at the boy. He has shoulder length blonde hair, wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans. He look like he was asleep, then the boy lifted his head. The little boy realized he was being stared at and saw Brooklyn at a distance. She quickly look away and poked at the slob on the plate. "Miss Marian, who's that boy?" "Hm? What boy?" She places her fork down. "The one with blonde hair, sitting by himself." She whispered.

"Oh uhm, that's Michael Myers."

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