You touch yourself(1d)

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Harry- You were home alone because Harry had to do an interview and then go record at the studio. It was now 3:45 pm and Harry texted you saying he was gonna be home at 5:00 pm, you finished cleaning and had nothing else to do, you went onto Instagram and came across a edit of a compilation of  Harry grabbing his crotch in better then words. You immediately felt turned on and started rubbing your thighs together trying to get some relief. You suddenly found your hand going lower and lower to your dripping core, you pushed your pants and underwear down your legs and started rubbing your clit, you slipped in a finger and started going faster. "Mmm yes! Harry more!" You yelled imagining it was Harry doing this to you. You felt yourself coming close and added a second finger in. "Yes, yes, yes I'm gonna cum!" You screamed out high pitched. You felt your self coming closer and then you finally came. "Well hello love, I hope your not too tired because you've caused quite a problem down there." Harry said smirking as he walked into your shared room staring you down. "Let me help you solve your problem then." You said as you sat up pulling him down onto the bed.

Niall- Niall was away on tour and would be back in 1 more month and you were struggling. You missed him so much, you missed his scent, hugs, his smile, and his touch. Niall was so good with his hands and tongue, and you desperately needed him today. You decided to call him on FaceTime and when he didn't answer you decided you'd have to help yourself get off. You went to his closet and grabbed his box of toys and grabbed out a mini blue vibrator. You stripped yourself of your clothes and placed your camera infront of you and pressed record, you turned the vibrator on and pressed it to your clit rubbing small slow circles on your swollen nub. "God daddy I miss you so much, it feels so good!" You moaned out as you used your other hand start kneading your breast, you felt your climax coming closer and closer. You let go of your breast to bring it down and slipped a finger into yourself and moved it in and out of you at a fast rough pace. "Ahhh! Right there, right there yes!" You moaned and felt your climax near. Your back arched and your body started shaking as you felt yourself come undone, you look down to see a puddle of your cum on the blanket and your phone. You stopped recording and sent the video to Niall and sent a text along with it saying 'squirted for you daddy.' Now you were just waiting for his response back.

Liam- Liam had been ignoring you all day, you both had an argument 2 days ago and he hasn't look or talked to you since then. You felt really bad About the whole argument and on top of that you were turned on and Liam not talking to you mad it even worse, you wanted to ask him to help but you knew that it would make the situation worse between the two of you. So when Liam was sleeping on the couch you saw he had the tv on and thought he might not hear you. You quickly but quietly ran up the stairs to your shared room and closed the door, you were quick to strip yourself and lay on the bed. You started to rub your clit slowly and then slide in 2 fingers. "Shit!" You moaned loudly but you then used your other hand to cover your mouth, still moving your fingers you started going faster, you went on a few more minutes and felt yourself coming closer. "Ugnh yes I'm gonna cum." You moaned with your hand still covering your mouth. Your legs started shaking and you came, your fingers were  still in you as you rode out your high, then a sleepy Liam walked in. "You could've asked me to help y'know?" He said in a raspy deep voice. You felt turned on again from him just speaking. "You were mad and I didn't want you to think I was just using you for pleasure." You said sitting up and looking down. "Well I'm not mad anymore so come over here so I can punish you for touching yourself." He smirked at you. You got up and walked over to him and kissing his lips. "I love you." You told him. "Love you too, now turn around with your pretty little ass up." He said as he slapped your ass.

Zayn- Zayn has been teasing you all day and you were getting sick and tired of it so to get back at him you decided to send him a video of you pleasing yourself while he was at the studio for three hours, you knew he was in able to do anything if he was away recording a new song with the boys. So you strip yourself of our clothes and please the camera in front of you and started to please yourself. "Mmm Zayn, it feels so good." You moaned out, you slipped in 1 finger then 2 and then 3! You felt yourself coming close. "Zayn it feels so good! My pussy feels so good!" You yelled as you came. It took you awhile to recover but when you did, you finally stopped recording and sent the video to him, you sent a text with it saying 'enjoy now it's my turn to be the tease;)' You cleaned your mess up and got ready for Zayn to come home.

Louis- You and Louis wanted to try something new. He wanted to see you touch yourself while he watched. At first you thought it was weird and didn't want to do it but then thought about it, I mean it wasn't like he hadn't seen you naked before, you had only your underwear on and you were laying on the end of the bed while Louis was watching from the chair in front of the bed. You spread open your legs and rubbed yourself through the fabric of your underwear. "C'mon baby don't be a tease let me see how wet you are." He pleaded while palming himself through this tight skinny jeans. "Ok daddy." You said and showed him a little before pushing your underwear back over your core. "Y/n please stop you fucking tease!" He groaned, you let in and took your underwear off and started rubbing your clit slowly. Throwing your head back from the relief you were finally getting. "Mmm Lou, it feels good." You whimpered looking him in his eyes. "Put a finger in for me baby." He said watching your core. "Yes!" You moaned as your back arched and you slipped in a finger. You were up to 4 fingers and super close to cumming. "I'm so close Lou!" You cried out. "Let it go for me love." He said as you moaned out and pumped a few more times before spraying liquid everywhere. "God y/n you squirted! I'm so gonna brag about this to the boys!" He said as he walked up to you and kissed you as slowly fell asleep next to him.

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