Chapter five

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Harry was nine now, and his aunt was sufficiently terrified of the boy. Harry didn't know why, he was never bad. Just scared Dudley's friends a bit. And the kids at school.

Tom knew why, it was the same when he was nine, when he would hurt the other boys for hurting him. Harry didn't hurt them but scared them, scarred them mentally. Like the other children had done him.

But when Harry had come home one uneventful day, did Tom realise something.

Hi Tom.

Hello child, how was your day?

It was okay I suppose, boring.

Oh and I spoke to a snake today, she was very pretty.

Harry? Do you understand them?

In all honesty Tom had half expected it, really.

Yeah, some girls were crying because they got scared, it was quite hilarious.

Harry, talking to snakes is a very special gift, you may be the only person in the world that can talk to them.

I know, you've explained parseltongue before, remember? 

Oh, I do believe I have. Why didn't you tell me of this sooner?

That I could talk to snakes?

I didn't realise.

Valid excuse. Now, which subject today?

I want to know how to do wandless magic, I'm itching to try.

It is very complicated, you know?

I know, but please?

He did, and they worked on levitating his broken toy soldiers that he no longer used.


I suck lmao

*me whispering at half two in the morning, proof reading this* yeah, dick.

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