Take My Advice

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The dinner hall was busy, bustling and loud. Last year, if Blair was put in there she would have crouched in a corner and wolfed out from the stress. But now, she just elbowed her way through strings of people till she made it outside and leant on the stone wall of the school.

The fresh air was cool on her body, the smell of the outdoors calming her and enticing her to run away, run into the wild where she longed to be.

Seconds later, Toni emerged from the door, arms crossed across her chest offensively. Blair mentally prepared herself for the lecture she would imminently be given. She rolled her eyes.

"What now? You wanna accuse me some more? Because I'll tell you now. That wolf last night in the woods was not me. I was in the library." She spat, enunciating the last part slowly sarcastically.

Toni huffed in disbelief. "I cannot believe the nerve on you. You-" she started, pausing and pushing Blair into the wall as another girl walked out the doorway. Her voice lowered, speaking, "You roll up here, challenge me to a fight after barely an hour, and get yourself caught? I've been here years and not got noticed. Then suddenly you turn up and all people can talk about is the werewolf of Stoney Woods? Get it together."

Blair felt her temper rising. "Grow up. Stop acting like a pathetic little cub and find a new theory." She spat. "It was not me, I'm not that stupid."

Toni looked far from impressed. "Really? Cause I heard you moved from your caravan in the country to a secluded boarding school because some innocent kids found you. Or am I wrong?" She tilted her head teasingly, making Blair growl quietly. "Easy, easy. You can't even control it, Jesus."

Blair pushed the dark haired girl off her. "I don't care how you know that. But that's not the whole story. I know better than to get myself caught, trust me. I've been doing this for years." she scoffed, blowing a curl of red hair off her face.

"So have I, which is why I know better than to go into those woods on a full moon." Blair looked confused. "Don't look so dumbfounded, you think I transform in there? I have my own place, idiot."

Blair's mouth opened and shut like a goldfish, not being able to find the words to retaliate.

"So, a word of advice, take it easy. Don't get yourself caught, and avoid those woods if you can. Find somewhere else." Toni said slowly, yet the good intentions were still there.

"If you're as pathetic and desperate as I think you are, I have some oxynilium in my room. Give us a knock if you really need, I won't be surprised." The taller girl added.

This angered Blair more than she could comprehend. Oxynilium was a brew that wolf cubs would take if they transformed young and needed to delay the change for whatever reason. But Blair needed her dignity, Her pride, and besides that, she had a bag of wolf potions in her suitcase that she brought with her from the caravan that no doubt included the brew.

She stamped hard on Toni's foot, making her wince and snarl. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'll pass. I'm not a cub, and I certainly don't want to transform with you anytime soon. I'll figure something out." She smiled sweetly and span round sharply, heading back to her room again.

But Blair suddenly realised she had less time than she thought to prepare for the moon. It was Tuesday, which meant the full moon was two days away. She racked her brains, before eventually ending up deciding to change in the woods against Toni's advice. It couldn't be that bad right? At least if there were already folk stories about werewolves then it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary? Blair certainly hoped so.

But most importantly, it was Tuesday. Which also meant double history. Blair took a right turn in the corridor, heading for the history classroom with a sigh.

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