Chapter 21

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Demyan Point of View

I hate it too!

I don't like parting ways with her. I don't like not being able to see her. I hate it if I couldn't know how she is and what she is doing. I don't know if it's because I'm concerned for her or it is more than that but I hate it.

I hate to stay away from her.

I realized that I have grown fond of her irritating personality. She has a Disney level imagination for everything and I'm still amazed how she could reach to such assumptions.


No... Post Puberty!

Gosh, how do the levers of her brain work?

If I wouldn't have been too much consumed about her safety issues, I would have laughed out loud. Of all the things, she could only think of effing Puberty?

But then again, my only purpose of taking her to the trip is to bid her a goodbye on a memorable note. Though the only thing I want to do was to be with her at least one hour a day, she is getting in trouble because of me.

I can forgive if they hurt me but I cannot forgive them or myself if they hurt Zinnia. In less than just a month, this carefree, crack and mental girl who listens to no one with an A-grade story writer of a brain – she has become a special person in my life.

A very special girl who provokes my protective instincts and challenge my senses!

Nevertheless, she needs to go away from me. She has become a target to my rivals and I cannot have her in my troubles.

"What is this?" I irked at the sight of well assorted fruits in the tray that Zinnia ordered. We had a month's worth food and she still has space in her stomach for fruits?

"These are for you. It makes you healthy at this period of time. You need vitamins in your body right now?" The heck?

What is wrong with this girl?

I agree I like her assumptions but damn they are so energy consuming for others.

"Why do I need to take vitamins? And what period of time are we speaking about?" I seriously want to do a doping test on her.

"You are in a sensitive period and eating healthy food helps." She answered shortly and shoved a fork full of fruit pieces in my mouth.

"Good Lord Woman! I'm not pregnant!" I gasped in utter annoyance.

This girl is treating me like I'm a pregnant person on her early trimester. Why in the world of millions of women should I be the fortunate to fall for her?

I seriously started doubting my tastes and preferences now. I mean, who in their right mind find this mental girl appealing?

'You. And I'm in my right state.' My mind spoke up nonchalantly.

'And my Zinnia is beyond appealing to me. So brother, I assure you that from the moment she came into our lives, I'm very active and healthy.' The darned downtown man also chose the same time to put its view on the matter.

Why am I the one to have such weird parts?

"Oh Mr. Monk, of course you are not pregnant. How can you be when I'm the one who has the substance to carry your heir?" She laughed out as if I just joked about something casual to her.

No this is not what I wanted to happen in this trip. It was supposed to be a goodbye trip.

I wanted to yell at her and tell her clearly that we are not made to be together but my outburst was cut short by the ringing of my mobile. I saw Egor's name flashing on the screen and I excused myself from her to take the call.

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